I’m A Motoring Expert – These Five Tips Could Help You Make A Fortune When You Sell Your Car

An AUTOMOTIVE expert has revealed five tips that can help you make a fortune when you sell your car.

Simple tasks like cleaning the car well or making minor repairs can increase the value of the vehicle.

Here are five tips to help you make a fortune selling your car.


Here are five tips to help you make a fortune selling your car.Credit: Getty

Motorists who think it takes a big investment to get more money for their cars will be surprised at how easy it is.

Some major changes only take a couple of hours, and many can be done at home.

A spokesman for LeaseCar.com he said, “Cosmetic upgrades are the most important because first appearances always matter: a buyer will instantly be put off by a car if it’s dirty or has peeling paint and will just offer a lower price.”

Here are five easy jobs drivers can do to maximize their earnings.

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Cars will inevitably pick up minor scratches and marks on the paint.

But minor cosmetic scratches can be easily painted over with just a few simple steps of cleaning, priming, painting, and polishing.

Buyers in the used car market may be put off or offer less money if there are body problems.

Making the easy job of painting over these minor body scratches will help increase the value of the car.


Repairing minor wear and tear to car seats is a simple way for owners to improve the car’s resale value.

Use a simple DIY seat repair kit, leather glue, or touch-up pens for all sorts of minor scuffs on car seats.


Upgrading to LED or HID headlights can give the car a newer look.

Vehicles with new bulbs will appear safer, performant and well cared for.

Changing the headlights is easy to do at home without having to go to the mechanic.

It’s just important to make sure you buy the correct headlight kit for the car.


Before reselling, it may seem like a chore to replace your tires, but if they’re getting old, it might be a good idea to put on new ones.

Updating car tires will instantly give a newer, smarter appeal to the car and look well cared for to potential buyers.


With a little effort, giving your car a decent clean is a really easy and inexpensive tip.

You like to hire a professional car valet and cleaning service to increase the value of the car.

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Buyers will pay close attention to the first appearances of the vehicles they are buying.

Making sure the vehicle is spotless is the easiest way to make the best first impression of the car.

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