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Tomy Miller
Maybe the best 'small-job' hand vac I've seen and perfect for my desk area where I often snack or dine while online. There is always an array of crumbs and odd specks of who-knows-what laying about and this little gem are perfect. The cat has a different take on this, but in this house, I rule...well, most of the time. It's also perfect for keeping the keyboard nice and clear. Strange how the little purchases so often bring outsized satisfaction. I love this little sucker!

Why our customers love us

Jessica Dion
We put these in our van that we use every day. I love that the back of my seats aren't getting messed up and my girls love the freedom that they have to store the things they want to use during the car ride. There is the perfect pocket for their headphones that the can grab before getting buckled in. We don't use the top clear panel for electronics but for books and note pads that they like to have easy access to. Shipping came on time and packaged with no issues. Fits around the seats of my minivan with no issues.

Why our customers love us

William T.
I went and compared 3 similar portable speakers with each other (same price of around $100 each): - Best quality sound of the 3 - Strongest/deepest bass (my table was shaking on max volume) - Very loud max volume

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