‘Lovepreneurs’ Demetrius and Dhayany Walker’s 5 tips on staying professional amid infidelity

Every day couples decide to go their separate ways after experiencing infidelity.

Recently, actress Nia Long dominated headlines after her fiancé, the head coach of the Boston Celtics. making udoka, had an affair with a woman within the organization.

Infidelity is nothing new, of course. For decades, the world has witnessed celebrity relationship scandals like Udoka’s causing their marriages to fall by the wayside. For some couples, ending a marriage is a quick and easy decision. For others, business ties play an important role beyond personal association.

Entrepreneurs of loveDemetrio Y Dhayany Walker have created a platform to train entrepreneurial couples on the importance of having both net worth and love value. The millionaire couple developed the proprietary formula to bring relationship success to their community.

The Walkers focus on entrepreneurship and love through business techniques, networking relationships, key systems, and strategies for maintaining a business through personal conflict. The Walkers are seasoned professionals in the relationship industry and 88% of married member couples are currently involved in successful and forward-thinking partnerships.

BLACK COMPANY spoke to the Lovepreneurs about their story and their 5 key tips on how to maintain a business relationship with your partner after experiencing a personal betrayal.

(Photo: epiMediaGroup, LLC)

(Photo: epiMediaGroup, LLC)

Tell us your love story.

In 2001, we met through a mutual friend who insisted that we were perfect for each other. Although we were both attracted to each other, we remained friends for years. Coincidentally, in 2007, we were both going through a breakup. We met at a famous salon in Philly and have been inseparable ever since.

At the time, I had just graduated from Temple University and was a consultant to a large Fortune 500 company. My husband, Demetrio, was a entrepreneurreal estate investor, used car salesman, and auto body shop owner.

I was intrigued by the fact that Demetrius had the freedom to create and work on his own time. So, he wanted to learn more about entrepreneurship and he was willing to teach me. One day, I remember hearing about an investment opportunity he had to flip cars and I wanted to be a part of it. Therefore, I decided to invest $10,000 in his business. This decision took faith because we were still dating at the time. All he knew was that he could build with it. I loved his business acumen. Of course, he was surprised when I told him that he wanted to participate, but that’s what led us to become “Lovepreneurs”.

How did your concept of ‘Lovepreneurs’ come about?

The concept of “Lovepreneur” arose from a conflict. It was no easy task trying to merge two strong people. We realized that we needed support to be successful together. In our quest to learn and grow in the love and business community, we failed to find that support group. We recognized that we were not the only couples who had these challenges. In 2012, two years after Demetrius and I got married, we realized that we had to take the initiative to build that community of love and business partners. We started by researching and connecting with other couples. We have had hundreds of couples in our community where we have been able to follow their journey and collect case studies. Back then it was more of an exclusive community for entrepreneurial couples. In 2016, we had our first “Love and Business: Is It Worth It?” conference.

How do you balance work and personal life?

We believe in systems and principles that we both agree on. Those principles help make this dynamic of love and business work. One of our standards is “one vision, different positions”. We divide and conquer our roles based on our strengths and weaknesses. We live our ‘lovepreneurship’ as a realistic lifestyle, not as a fad or trend. We focus on our family and business goals. We exercise teamwork and practice healthy communication. We realize that our time is our currency, which is why we make time management a priority. Although we have a lot on our plate raising a family, building businesses, and growing in our marriage, we realize that we cannot sacrifice our quality time and intimacy with each other.

What are your 5 key tips on how entrepreneurial couples can stay professional in the midst of infidelity?

  1. Review your personal and relationship standards and make this season a time of teaching and training.

  2. Make counseling a lifestyle. Counseling will educate you more about your standards set for yourself personally and in your relationship.

  3. Find a town to be held accountable. Commitment lasts longer in the community. That’s why over 88% of our ‘Lovepreneur’ members are still getting rich together.

  4. The couple must submit to the mission. The mission should be bigger than your emotions, but never bigger than your standards.

  5. You must forgive and let go. Forgiveness should be about oneself and not about the other person. Forgiveness gives you the freedom to think and love freely.


  • Healthy, productive and intentional communication between them should be the standard for maintaining a respectful and professional relationship. Create small challenges for others that cultivate change.

  • growth and change [doesn’t] It happens not only because of what you say, but because of what you do.

Is it fair to say that getting lost in business can contribute to a couple experiencing infidelity?


There will be opportunities where there is no intimacy. If there is no intimacy in a specific area of ​​the business or relationship, infidelity in some cases fills the vacancies within the relationship. If one partner is more entrenched in the business than the other, resentment and negative thoughts can begin to overpower your partner.

This is one of the reasons we teach our “Lovepreneurs” how to combine their goals into ONE mission. That way, both partners are part of the same vision which helps avoid DI-VISION. Both parts must be reversed so that no one feels inadequate or alone. Jealousy over success can make your partner feel left out. However, let’s be clear, infidelity and betrayal are actions carried out to fill an own emptiness or a desire. That emptiness of your own comes from your past or from an outside influence. Often this type of behavior is deeply rooted in trauma that has never been addressed or brought into the current relationship. Many infidelities could be avoided if there is open communication and if both partners make it a priority.

What advice can you give couples to rebuild their business and marriage after infidelity?

Create standards for your relationship. We create the Get Rich Devotional “Lovepreneur” to help power couples set standards in their love and business journey. After accepting those standards, you must forgive. Forgiveness must be an action, not just a promise. The offender must apologize, show remorse, and accept responsibility for her actions. The offender must be willing to pay the price of her infidelity and the offended party will name the terms. The terms must promote change on both sides, trust and healthy communication. The rebuilding season will not be easy. However, in a community that helps promote engagement, the journey will be worth it. Some things turn out stronger than the original once it’s rebuilt.

What helps restore trust?

  1. Sorry

  2. Nope [being] a repeat offender

  3. healthy communication

Visit Lovepreneurs’ website, LoveGrowRich.com and find them on Instagram and Facebook (@Lovepreneur). Follow Dhayany (@Dhayany) and Demetrius (@meettheemperor) too.

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