How to keep your car cool: 7 tips to beat the heat wave

The Met Office has forecast temperatures to rise to as high as 40C this week with amber and red weather warnings to alert Britons of the risks this could pose. Staying cool remains a priority for Brits, and this extends to car travel. A stiflingly hot car can be a largely uncomfortable experience, so to find ways to make driving more comfortable and safer, here are seven tips to cool down your vehicle.

From scalding seat belt buckles to scorching seats, the inside of your car can often feel much hotter than the outside.

This can be attributed to something akin to the “greenhouse effect,” which generally refers to the way the Earth’s atmosphere traps heat, providing little opportunity to filter the air.

When the sun’s heat enters through a car’s windows, the heat is trapped inside and quickly raises the temperature.

Previous studies from Stanford University revealed that on a sunny day with temperatures ranging from 22°C to 35°C, the cars they tested were about 8°C warmer than the outside temperature.

So with temperatures forecast to top out at 40C, a car interior that exceeds this isn’t really what you want.

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Here are seven tips to keep your car cooler during a heat wave.

put on sunscreen

A good method to prepare your car to beat the heat is to put a reflective shield on the windshield.

You can buy them relatively cheaply at most auto outlets, but this sheet can do wonders for keeping heat out of your car.

The windshield is probably the biggest entrance for heat, so blocking this area and redirecting rays is a good first step in keeping your car cooler.

let hot air escape

When you get in the car, RAC suggested releasing the hot air from your car by opening both windows on one side and ‘ventilating’ the interior by turning the door on the opposite side.

Cover leather seats

If you have a car with leather seats, the extra heat can make this experience particularly uncomfortable.

To keep the seats cool, put a blanket or something similar over the top when the car is parked.

The seats will not absorb as much heat this way and it will be much more comfortable to sit in the car.

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