A useful fuel saving tip can help drivers slash fuel consumption in seconds with a 50p coin

Many motorists have been using fuel-saving tips over the past six months in response to record gasoline and diesel prices. The latest data shows that petrol prices continue to fall, with motorists paying an average price of 162.84 pence per litre, with the RAC expecting further price drops.

However, diesel drivers have been warned that they will see their costs rise, even though they are already paying 20 pence more per liter than petrol drivers.

Diesel is currently at an average price of 183.19 pence, a clear rise after weeks of stagnation, with prices expected to rise further.

The recent announcement that OPEC+ would cut oil production has stoked fears that fuel prices could rise further.

As a result, drivers have taken matters into their own hands, using fuel-saving techniques through hypermiling and other automotive habits.

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Google Maps also recently launched a new feature to help British drivers save money on fuel.

In addition to showing the fastest route, Google Maps will also show a route that is the most fuel efficient, even if it is not the fastest.

When searching for directions between two locations, it will show drivers the relative estimated fuel economy and time difference between the two routes and choose the one that best suits their needs.

The most fuel efficient routes are those with fewer hills, less traffic, and consistent speeds.

If the motorist always wants the fastest route to be suggested, he can stipulate this preference in the settings.

The company is also helping electric car owners with a feature that will let people search for an “EV charging station” closest to them.

In addition, it will come with more useful cycling route information including the latest traffic updates, as well as any steep stairs or hills along the way.

The tool has already helped reduce 500,000 tons of carbon emissions in the United States and Canada.

This is the equivalent of taking 100,000 fuel-powered cars off the road.

The mode is set to be introduced in nearly 40 countries, and Google says it’s “making a difference around the world.”

You might be interested in learning how to save fuel while driving. One useful tip that can help drivers slash fuel consumption in seconds is the “50p coin trick.” By placing a 50p coin on the top of your car’s fuel cap, you can easily check if it is properly closed. A loose or improperly closed fuel cap can cause fuel evaporation and waste, leading to increased fuel consumption. By ensuring that the cap is tightly closed, you can prevent fuel leakage and save on fuel costs. Speaking of fuel-saving techniques, you might be interested in reading more about fuel efficiency on Wikipedia.

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