Benefits of using brake parts designed to work together

When replacing brake system components, it can seem like using compatible parts from any manufacturer, regardless of brand, should get the job done. However, for the safest brake job with the best performance, it’s always best to use parts from the same manufacturer, such as ADVICS, where our brake pads, brake rotors, hydraulics, calipers and brake fluid are designed and manufactured to work together.

There are several benefits for both your store and the customer if you follow this advice.


Using parts that are designed to work together makes getting a brake job done a much easier process as each component fits together perfectly, ultimately resulting in less time spent on the hoist for the vehicle.

As a technician who may be working with flat-rate billing systems, you know it’s important to complete each brake job within the allotted time to keep your shop profitable. Less time on the hoist means his shop can take on more vehicle services and make better profits each month.

Safer driving for customers

Spending time fabricating parts to fit together not only slows down the brakes, but can also lead to potential safety issues with braking and stopping power.

No need to modify parts from the same manufacturer to fit, which means safer, more reliable service. Providing a top-of-the-line brake job the first time helps keep customers from coming back and increases satisfaction.

Simpler vehicle diagnostics

When a customer brings their vehicle in for screeching noises under braking or unusual pedal feel, the first stop for inspection will likely be the brake system. However, if the brake parts required shop fabrication to achieve the correct fit when installed, there may be a higher chance that the problem the customer is experiencing is a result of that process.

On the other hand, if you can see that this particular vehicle has been equipped with brake system components from the same manufacturer, diagnosing the customer’s problem may be easier since certain possible causes can already be eliminated.

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