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Why should you use social media for your automotive business?

The first answer, really, is that you don’t have to. Just like you didn’t ‘need’ a website 20 years or so ago.

The fact is that most of the social media savvy auto companies have more traffic on their social networks than on their website.


When you think about it, that really shouldn’t surprise you, although it may have initially.

Seventy-five percent of car buyers and 68 percent of service customers say Internet research, including social media and review sites, was the most helpful medium when selecting a car dealer, according to v12data.com.

A more pertinent answer would start with how you view social media and where, if at all, it fits into your overall marketing strategy.

Is it advertising or marketing for you?


If it’s advertising, save yourself some money and a lot of frustration.

If it’s marketing, then you’re in the right place.

Social networks as a forceful sales tool do not work; it is not a classified platform and people, for the most part, use social media to be social. They don’t want to be bombarded with photos of cars/offers etc.

When you have an omnichannel approach to marketing, the first goal should always be in a customer’s mind when they’re ready to buy, not when they’re ready to sell.

Educate, Engage Y Report They are the pillars of successful social media marketing.

Here are some points to consider:

1. KPI Strategy Alignment – Your OEM will broadcast your business with typically quarterly campaigns, new model launches, special offers, etc.

How do you present this information to your target audience? How do you educate your audience?

Making sure your quarterly marketing programs are informed in your social media plan is critical to ensuring you have a consistent approach.

Do you ‘talk’ the same way online as you do in store?

Nailing this down helps keep your audience engaged, informed, and close to the passive audience.

2. Customer first – By building your social media marketing strategy around the pillars listed above, with your goals tied to those pillars, you will attract a wide and varied audience who will become followers and engage with your business.

Taking this approach will give you the best chance of reaching the person first before they enter the market.

Whether it’s for a new car, used car, MOT, service or financing, being “top of mind” could mean a better margin.

3. The big picture – Think about what you would like to pursue and build from there. Remember the pillars!

Educate your audience with helpful tips and advice on vehicle maintenance, how-to guides, the top five family cars, why finance with you, what your financing options are, and more.

Engage by telling stories of satisfied customers, long-serving employees, life moments, competitions, test drive events, etc.

Report them what you do and why. For example, recruiting is very popular, so let people know why they should come and work for you!

Social media as part of your overall sales and marketing strategy, built around your core goals, is no longer “nice to have.”

Those who do are well aware of the benefits to their business and, sticking their necks out, would say that social media is their most important route to achieving their goals.

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With 23 percent, or nearly one in four car buyers, using social media to discuss or communicate a recent buying experience and 38 percent of consumers reporting they will check social media the next time they buy a car (v12data.com), en Is it really an option for your business NOT to have a social media strategy and have it contained within your marketing strategy?

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