UK drivers are avoiding car repairs due to rising costs

A new study of Junk Car Comparison has revealed that a quarter (25 per cent) of UK drivers avoid repairing their cars due to the rising cost of living, with many regularly experiencing stress related to the costly running of their vehicle.

With the cost of living in the UK continuing to rise and petrol prices becoming a particular point of concern, researchers surveyed 1,500 motorists across the country to find out how this may be affecting the safe operation of cars. vehicles currently driving on UK roads.

Alarmingly, with the average cost of repairing and maintaining a car in the UK reaching almost £500 per year (£479), a quarter of motorists actively avoid necessary repairs because of the cost.

A further 16 per cent admit to taking a risk with the law by delaying or avoiding MOTs altogether, a risk that could result in a costly fine of up to £2,500 and a driving ban.

These numbers are even higher for certain age groups as well, with drivers under the age of 25 being the hardest hit, with just over half (49 percent) swerving off a repair, and 45 percent having their MOT or service because of the costs they can afford. it does not cover

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The report says that if costs continue to rise, even more motorists may be forced to ignore repairs and the like from their MOT, with 44 per cent of drivers stating they may be forced to do so in the future.

This could equate to more than 18 million UK license holders avoiding repairs and driving potentially dangerous vehicles on the country’s roads.

Aside from cost, the study’s shocking findings also help to highlight the mental repercussions motorists face as a result of the UK’s current cost crisis, with more than 1 in 5 (21 per cent) experiencing stress at least every week, if not all. day, on the cost of running your vehicle.

Dan Gick, CEO, said, “Driving a car is a necessity for many people in this country.

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“This is how they get to work, take their children to school or get their food.

“Finding out how many drivers have to avoid getting what could be an essential repair or knowingly driving without a technical inspection has really highlighted how critical the cost of living is in this country.

“Power bills, fuel costs and food prices are having an impact on why this is happening, and more needs to be done to address this crisis as soon as possible, before the number of potentially dangerous vehicles increases further. dangerous on our roads, and it becomes a serious health and safety issue, as well as one for our wallets.”

The Scrap Car Comparison study also explored how the cost of repairing a car varies across the country, identifying how much drivers in various locations have had to spend on repairs over the past year.

The latest RAC Fuel Watch indicates that drivers will have to pay 191.10 pence for a liter of petrol and 198.96 pence for a liter of diesel.

And, with that in mind, it’s no surprise that motorists are considering switching to battery-powered vehicles.

Research by Next Green Car showed a 74 percent growth in registered electric cars since 2020.

On top of that, the number of EVs bought in the UK in March alone was higher than for the whole of 2019.

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