Tulsa theft detective gives tips on how to protect your vehicle from thieves

TULSA, Okla. — While he’s shopping for back-to-school, he might be tempted to leave his groceries in his car, but that could spell temptation for thieves.

We spoke with a theft detective and got some tips on how to keep your valuables safe inside your car.

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“We see sometimes during the Christmas time and other events that happen where there’s a lot of shopping, and people tend to leave things in their cars, because they’re going from one business to another, so it’s one of those things, it’s an environment rich in targets for these suspects to go looking for things to steal,” said Tulsa Police Lt. Tim Means.

Means, a burglary detective, says shopping bags stacked in the back of your vehicle could make you a prime target for thieves. So are there ways to safely leave shopping bags in the car?

“The best I can tell you is to take your stuff with you while you shop, complete your purchases, and if you’re going somewhere else, you might want to put your stuff in the trunk before you go to the next location,” Means said. .

Means says thieves often look for unlocked vehicles, but if they see something inside your locked vehicle that they want, they have no problem breaking a window. He says that before going to a store, he should think twice before leaving a bag, even if it’s under a seat.

“If you’re not going to take it, don’t take it. Don’t bring it. Just leave it at home. Bring your credit cards that you can slip into your pocket, with your ID, that’s all you need.”

If you find yourself the victim of a robbery, the first thing you should do is file a police report and then call your bank.

“Any time you fall victim to anything where you lose that kind of information, you want to cancel it as quickly as possible so these people don’t have a chance to rack up a bunch of credit on your credit card. “

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