Trash and car removal from Thurrock’s fly dumping site

Officers removed three lorries full of debris and three abandoned vehicles from a road in south Essex.

The site, on Flint Street, West Thurrock, has been used by “rogue” dump trucks for some time, according to the Thurrock Council, and has even been used as a dumping ground for cars and vehicles.

As a result of action taken today (8 July) by environmental officers, the owner of one of the dumped vehicles has also received a £200 fixed fine notice.

Echo: Flint Street Fly Throwing Site (Thurrock Council)Flint Street Fly Release Site (Thurrock Town Hall)

A community protection notice was also issued to the person responsible for the vehicle.

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The advisory requires that you not return any “unroadworthy” vehicles to the site.

Even though this waste has been dumped on unregistered land, the council says it will do everything it can to recover money from anyone responsible.

Echo: Flint Street Garbage Dump Removed (Thurrock Council)Removed Flint Street Fly Waste Dump (Thurrock Council)

Thurrock Council Leader Rob Gledhill said: “Tipping is a disgusting and selfish act and we will seek to prosecute those who show such blatant disregard for the municipality.

“We investigate all fly notices and will issue fines to the owners of any vehicles they have dumped in the municipality.

“Although this debris had been dumped on private land, we acted to remove it today. Since this April, we have eliminated more than 350 fly tips from the district.”

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