Top tips for getting better mileage from gasoline and diesel cars

With fuel prices at record highs and showing no signs of abating any time soon, the hot topic of discussion is fuel economy. And while some people are actually considering moving to a smaller car that has better fuel economy, fuel economy actually depends on much more than engine size and car size. As the saying goes, now it’s what you drive, it’s how you drive it. While there are various products on the internet, including some gadgets and gizmos that claim to improve fuel economy or fuel economy, most of them are usually scams. What really helps is how you drive your gasoline and diesel car to make sure that the ever-increasing price of gasoline and the price of diesel is not too heavy on your pocket.

So here are 7 tips to make sure you get the best fuel economy or fuel efficiency from your gasoline and diesel cars to take on that never-ending rise in fuel prices!

1. Check your car!

While you may think that doing that free service a year when you get a phone call from your authorized service center is enough, it really isn’t. Your car is a machine and, like any machine, it needs constant maintenance. We’re not asking you to check your car every morning like we were in the 1960s, but checking your oil and coolant levels once every two weeks can make a world of difference to your car. Oil levels are crucial and so is using the correct grade of oil recommended by the manufacturer.

Have your vehicle serviced at regular intervals

Another very important part of the service are the filters. Air filters, fuel filters and oil filters make a big difference in ensuring that the engine runs at maximum mechanical efficiency and that, in turn, ensures good fuel consumption. It also helps to make sure the spark plugs are clean and free of a layer of soot.

2. Maintain correct air pressure

The manufacturer’s recommended air pressure is crucial, not only for a comfortable ride and correct handling, but also to ensure fuel consumption. A flat tire causes friction and that leads to loss of kinetic energy. Another trick is to increase the air pressure in your tire by a few PSI. That makes the sidewalls firmer and reduces the tire’s contact patch, but at the same time it can lead to blowouts (if over-inflated) and less grip compared to the correct pressures. And while it’s known to work, we personally wouldn’t recommend it.

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Maintain correct tire pressure for best fuel economy

3. Drive in the right gear

You are not Vin Diesel. You’re not chasing an Antonov AN 225 down a runway while the bad guys are shooting at you. And therefore you don’t need to change gear every 3 seconds. Being in the right gear at the right RPM helps the most. Especially if you are in a high traffic area. Another mistake people often make is revving the engine to redline before changing gear. And while that could be great if you don’t give a damn about your fuel economy, it makes a HUGE difference if you do.

One of the easiest ways to get good fuel efficiency is to drive in the right gear.

Always remember, shift as quickly as you can and only shift when necessary for best fuel economy. Also, sometimes, especially when going down hills, it is better to leave the car in a higher gear and not put it in neutral. Remember, neutral means the car’s RPM is at idle and therefore controlled by the ECU. Alternatively, being in a higher gear ensures that RPM is dependent on engine speed and considering the fact that the throttle closes as much as the ECU allows, the fuel economy is actually higher. That being said, NEVER TURN OFF YOUR CAR WHILE DRIVING DOWNHILL, as while it may give you the best fuel economy, it could also lead to accidents due to the power steering and power brakes not working at their optimum levels.

4. Do not carry unnecessary weight

Weight is the worst enemy when it comes to fuel consumption. And while you can’t ask your passengers to get off just because you want 1kmpl more, you can get rid of anything unnecessary from your car to save weight. This, of course, does not mean that you should get rid of your spare wheel or tools, but always remember to clean your trunk of any unnecessary things while traveling. And while an extra spare tire is great when you’re traveling, it’s not necessarily necessary around town.

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(Always keep the windows open while driving for best fuel economy)

5. Keep those windows open!

Although it may not seem like it, aerodynamics play a HUGE role in improving fuel economy. Rolled-up windows mean that the car body is as slippery when it comes into contact with the air as it can possibly be. This means that the airflow around your car will be optimal and you won’t need that little extra power to make the air cut through the air. Of course, in a country like India, it is always better to have the windows open and the air conditioning on to sacrifice a little fuel economy for the sake of your health.

6. Park in a shaded area

While most lists will ask you not to use your air conditioning, we know it’s an essential necessity rather than a luxury if you intend to drive in India. In summer, with maximum temperatures of almost 50 degrees outside, the interior of the car is often even hotter and it can take a long time to cool down to a bearable level. This means your air conditioner has to work overtime at full blast, which in turn reduces engine power. So park under a shade. You’ll have a cooler car to come back to and your wallet will thank you too.

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(Avoid idling at traffic lights for more than 60 seconds)

7. Avoid long downtime

Avoid situations where the car is idling for more than a minute. While a starting procedure normally requires more fuel, it is less than having the car idle for more than a minute. IF you have a car with start-stop technology, use it. This will especially help you if you are in a situation where traffic rolls for a few meters and then stops repeatedly.

there you go Follow these tips to the letter and we promise your car will be easier on your pocketbook than it is today.

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