Top ten timely tips for driving safely in the sun in summer

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Be bright when driving in the summer sun
Be bright when driving in the summer sun

With summer in full swing in the UK and Northern Ireland, motorists are being warned about the dangers of driving in direct sunlight.

The car leasing experts at and its sister site offer drivers ten top tips for safe and stress-free car travel in good weather.

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Sunrise and sunset are the most likely times for drivers to be dazzled by the dazzling sun when it is at its lowest point.

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And, as many people begin to hit the roads for summer vacations and vacations at home, the potential dangers the sun creates pose a greater risk to drivers.

A spokesman for car leasing experts said: “It is important for drivers to recognize the potential dangers that sunny weather can present, especially on longer journeys this summer.

“Driving more slowly if you have trouble seeing and making sure your windshield isn’t cracked or chipped are just a few ways to ensure a safe ride during sunny weather.

“By following these tips, drivers can ensure optimum safety on the road and have a stress-free journey to their destination.”

Wash your windshield regularly – Stains on windshields can become highly visible when the sun is shining, blocking a driver’s vision and potentially causing distraction.

Give yourself more room: The danger on the road is increased if the sun is in your eyes, making it more difficult to see where the car in front is going. Leaving a little more space between you and the car ahead allows you more time to see the action of the car ahead.

Invest in polarized sunglasses to reduce glare from the sun: Polarized lenses contain a filter that blocks very strong reflected light, making polarized sunglasses ideal for reducing glare from the sun when driving.

Drive slower if you have trouble seeing: Driving slower or stopping and waiting until the sun has moved are the safest actions you can take if the sun blocks your vision.

Avoid Dashboard Clutter – A cluttered dashboard can be distracting while driving. Paper and glass can reflect sunlight and obstruct vision, so keeping a clean dashboard will eliminate any danger.

Consider the time of day: morning and evening are when the sun is lowest in the sky and most likely to interfere with your vision when driving. Try to avoid getting behind the wheel at these times if you can.

Make sure the windshield is not cracked or chipped: Holes and cracks in the windshield can cause sunlight to scatter or distort your view of the road ahead. Make sure your windshield is in top condition to avoid glare or distraction.

Don’t forget to use your sunshade – Sunshades are there to help block the sun and give you a safer driving environment, so make sure you get the most out of yours.

Pay attention to road markings: It is important to pay close attention to road markings when driving on a sunny day. If the sun blocks your clear view ahead, use road markings to ensure you are in the safest position on the road.

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