Equipped with the industry’s first patent pending convection cooling system


If you are a lover of the interior and you do not tire of exploring all that this land has to offer, you cannot do without a high-performance air compressor.
The best, non-invasive and most cost-effective way to avoid getting stuck is to aerate and re-inflate later with an air compressor. Why? It’s about traction.
When tackling loose terrain, lowering tire pressure lengthens tire tracks, making it easier for your vehicle to gain traction, maintain momentum and avoid getting stuck. But to hit the road you’ll need to re-inflate those tires.
TJM says it has successfully created an industry-leading air compressor that can combat the harsh Australian environment and inflate tires faster than ever through a revolutionary new design.
TJM says that the Pro Series Dual Air Compressor has been revered for its best-in-class performance when tested against its direct competitors.
In tests conducted by the TJM R&D team, the TJM Pro Series Dual Air Compressor outperformed major competitors in lowest average critical temperature and single and four tire inflation. fastest in the industry.
TJM says this “monumental” 12V air compressor can inflate four tires (from 16 to 40 PSI) in five minutes and 21 seconds with “zero chance” of automatic shutdown caused by overheating and allows for constant, continuous airflow while it is running.


Furthermore, it states that the compressor’s multifunctional design can power air suspension systems or air-powered tools when combined with TJM’s 5-liter air tank.
It can even inflate a single tire from 0 PSI to 40 PSI in two minutes and 30 seconds, a feat that TJM says is “really impressive.”
Now for 4WD adventurers, being able to deflate and re-inflate your tires at any time is all too real a luxury.
However, with an air compressor comes exceptionally high heat output, which can cause many air compressors to shut down completely due to overheating, turning short inflation time into a couple of hours of waiting for the unit to cool down. chill.
Fortunately, through constant innovation, testing, and design refinement, TJM says the TJM Pro Series Dual Air Compressor has solved this pet hate to minimize the time spent sorting your tires so you can get back on the road. faster highway.
While air compressors are nothing new to the aftermarket industry, the technology behind the TJM Pro Series Dual Air Compressor certainly is, and TJM explains that the TJM Pro Series Dual Air Compressor achieves a 100 percent duty cycle to maximize run time and prevent the air compressor from shutting down.

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