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Best Tire Scrub Brush 1pcs

Tire Scrub Brush Car Wash & Maintenance

Keep your tires nice & clean

You’d be surprised by how often people forget to actually scrub and clean their tires when washing their cards.

That’s why our Tire Scrub Brush helps you get the job done.

best tire

Roll with shine

Drive fiercely fresh

More clean-up convenience

Oftentimes, water pressure and microfiber towels themselves can’t give the reach that having a brush can do.

Textured grip

Our handle is crafted from PVC plastic, with textured grip support for a more ergonomic and non-slip hold.

Finally…attention is paid

You’d be surprised how many people wash their car but overlook their wheels.
Give those hard runners the same love and care with the cleaning power of this scrub brush.

Cleans thoroughly without scratching

That’s right — our scrubber is made of polypropylene plastic in a U-shape spiral to cover angles and curves and grooves — all without damage.

A car wash must-have

If you (or someone you know) often washes up their car at home, this Tire Scrub Brush is absolutely essential to ensuring your rims and wheels are cleaned and cared for.
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