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With 22 career stops, the formula 1 calendar this season is longer than ever. Redesigned cars and revised rules are reflected in the official 2022 Formula 1 game. Below is a guide to enhance your experience as you race to follow in the footsteps of the reigning world champion, max verstappen.


How to configure driving aids and settings in F1 22

Before you hit the track in F1 22, you must first visit the options menu. Here you will find some novelties in the area of ​​driving aids and adjustments.

If the current spin-off marks your first Formula 1 game, you should gratefully accept the help the racing game has to offer. Above all, the brake assist, anti-lock braking system and traction aid will serve you well during your first few laps.

However, the fewer driving aids you activate, the faster it will be. But only if you can keep the car running, of course.

In addition, there is the option to use a DRS and ERS assistance. This automatically activates the Energy Recovery System (ERS) and the Drag Reduction System (DRS). Therefore, you can fully concentrate on the track while driving. However, it’s worth disabling ERS assistance early on, because using automatic is rarely useful.

How is that possible? How did Red Bull Racing complete a full pit stop in Formula 1 in 1.82 seconds? Find out in this movie…

45 minutes

The history of the pit stop

The mavericks who pioneered the modern pit stop made it a race-day staple that takes less than two seconds.


Optimize your OSD for more overview

It is worth adjusting the ‘On Screen Display’ or ‘OSD’ to enhance your racing experience. You can go to the menu item and from there you can move, change or hide the on-screen menus and overlays that appear while driving.

Here, the virtual rear view mirror is especially useful to see if someone is trying to pass you. Play around with the settings until you find the ones that work best for you.


Set up your camera for success

You also need to adjust the camera perspective in F1 22. There are several options to choose from, depending on which camera you decide to drive with. The field of view is interesting, for example: if you increase the value, the camera zooms out even further and gives you a better overview of what is happening to your left and right.

It is recommended that vibration and camera shake be completely reduced. This ensures that the camera remains stable when the road is uneven, an advantage if the driver’s body is susceptible to such effects.


Consider starting in Formula 2

In Formula 2 you are gently introduced to F1


In F1 22, if the top class is too difficult, you can also race in Formula 2. This is based on your license from the 2021 season and is a good starting point to test your skills.

This is because the F2 cars offer more traction and do not reach the top speed of the premier class. In general, they are noticeably easier to drive. In addition, the races are shorter and the rules are simpler.

In career mode, you have the option to complete a Formula 2 season before your F1 career. Make sure you do this to get used to the pace and feel of the game.


Try this game mode to hone your skills.

The time trial is the best way to know the tracks


Just like in F1 21, if you want to get better on the track, Time Trial mode is the best way to do it. Here you are alone on the track and you can theoretically practice each corner in an infinite number of laps, test braking points and improve.

However, the good thing about this mode is that it also offers you a challenge. A ghost vehicle of another player that is slightly faster than you will appear on the track. Follow the guide and see the braking points or the line you have traveled. You will quickly notice how you are improving against your close competitors.


Use these free workouts to improve

Get ready to take a seat at the free practice sessions in each Grand Prix weekend in Career mode or My F1 Team 22. They are good practice and have been completely redesigned in the new game series.

They also bring more variety to the game as they present you with different challenges that aren’t just about being as fast as possible. For example, in the acclimatization area of ​​the track, go through gates that represent the ideal line within the curves. Perfect to meet the new tracks like the new Miami International Speedway.
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Take a look at the training routine that Pierre Gasly’s trainer, Pyry, asks him to follow.


This one is quite important: how to be faster

Glorious time at the Red Bull Ring


With the newly designed Formula 1 cars, the driving behavior in F1 22 has also changed a lot. So there are a few points to consider compared to last year’s game. Here are some quick F1 22 tips to help you get faster…

  • speed up carefully: Don’t hit the buttons! Cars are sensitive this year, so accelerate slowly, instead of stepping on the gas.

  • Driving aids: ABS and traction control make driving easier, but always slow you down. Put them out ASAP!

  • turn off the racing line: The visual ideal line as a cornering aid is quite nice, but not really useful, as it rarely corresponds to reality. Turn it off!

  • F1 22 setup tips: Again this year there are five car settings presets to give you a good guide. Be sure to try them out and gradually adjust the individual components to suit your needs.

  • Steering wheel versus controller: Is it true that you always have an advantage with a shuttlecock? Yes, but the differences are minimal in certain courses. Basically, you can also keep very well with a controller.

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