Tips to help keep costs down when inflation hits

MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) – With rising prices on everything from gasoline to groceriesthe Better Business Bureau of Wisconsin offers tips to help stay within budget.

If you are struggling to decide between put gas in the tank or choose healthier foodseverybody income levels are showing signs of financial stress.

The BBB offers these tips to help consumers deal with higher prices:

  • Know your expenses. Compare your 2021 bank and credit card statements to your 2022 statements. This will give you an idea of ​​how inflation is affecting you and help you see where you can cut back. Analyzing your spending areas can help you find specific strategies to reduce costs.
  • Keep your current vehicle. New and used cars remain expensive and in short supply. If you don’t need a nearby car, you might want to hold off on buying one for now. If you are rent a carYou may want to consider buying it because the price of the car was fixed at the beginning of your lease, before high inflation.
  • Smarter grocery store. The meat and the fish have seen high price increases. Avoiding meat a couple of times a week will help cut costs, along with meal preparation and food waste reduction.
  • Jump on sales. Stock up if you see good prices on items you use regularly, like household essentials.
  • Cancel unused subscriptions. Check your subscriptions to make sure you’re only paying for the ones you use regularly. Use a subscription management app if you have multiple subscriptions to manage.
  • Negotiate for prices. Better rates are possible for things like insurance, cable bills, gym memberships, and credit card interest.
  • Take advantage of savings on the price of gas. Enroll in fuel reward programs and use compare apps to get the lower fuel prices.
  • Watch for the inflation squeeze. Prices can stay the same, but manufacturers can put less product in the package. Choose options that give you the most product for your money.
  • Enjoy what you have. Take a walk instead of driving somewhere. Clean out your closet to find forgotten items instead of buying new ones. Finish a project instead of starting something new.
  • Be on the lookout for scams. Be aware of details that sound too good to be true. Research unknown vendors before giving money or personal information to a company.

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