Tips to beat the heat

MIAMI- Summer in Florida is serious business with an increase in the hottest days.

“We have an increase in heat, not only because of climate change, but also because of the way we are developing our cities, more impervious pavements, fewer trees, this, and more excess heat coming from our cars,” the county said. Miami-Dade. Heat director Jane Gilbert said.

This results in heat islands throughout the area, and working outdoors can be dangerous.

“Shadows, my mask, and my scarves,” Silver Wadley, a landscape assistant, describing the layers she wears.

Wadley keeps his cool by taking cover.

“Without wind it feels like 100+,” he said.

His work takes him from one facility to another, but the goal is the same, to make them look nice and tidy. That requires him to be outside a lot, and that comes with warnings from Gilbert.

“We have 77 more days, more than two months a year, with a heat index greater than 90 since 1985. So we have five months that reach that dangerous threshold,” he explained.

That is why people have to be aware of the effects of heat.

“The first sign of heat-related illness is you start to feel thirsty, you can start to get a headache, you can start to have muscle cramps or stomach pain,” he said.

Those are some of the signs of heat-related illnesses. To prevent the onset of such problems, those who need help staying cool can seek shelter in libraries, parks, and community centers, which offer air conditioning or shade.

For those who have to be in the sun, the message is to find cooler areas, drink plenty of water, and take breaks every couple of hours for at least 15 minutes.

Ten years of working outdoors has given Wadley plenty of experience in hot weather.

“You don’t want to overdo it. You want to say, ‘We have a plan, do this section first, and then we’ll take a break, then do another section,'” he said.

He also usually has a truck parked nearby to help him and other workers get a break from the air conditioning, but there’s another tip that some forget.

“Put on some sunscreen because getting sunburned is no joke,” Wadley added.

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