Tips for Formula Bit Racing DX Beginners

Formula Bit Racing DX is, as its name indicates, a racing game; this game, in particular, was influenced by the classic arcade games that were a huge hit in the 1990s. Every spin on the tracks will offer the player a recreation of that classic game they crave.

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There are many people who chose the game to experience the same type of racing that they wanted from those classic games, but they may end up stuck along the way. In fact, there are some tips for beginners that they should know to get better at the game.

7 Braking is not very useful

Typically, a player will select a car that has good turning stats. This means the car can handle turns exceptionally well and requires minimal attention for it to make a sharp turn.

Because of this, it is generally considered useless to use the car’s brakes. It would be better to ease off the throttle to deal with turns. Not only does this make turns smoother, but it’s much easier to let off the throttle than it is to slam on the brakes and then pick up speed again.

6 Don’t bother with the camera isometric

It turns out that the isometric camera is not… the best for a player. It will be very painful for a player trying to work with this camera angle, because it constantly twists and turns and messes up the player.

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Instead, it would be a better idea to set the camera to the back angle before you get too far into the game. This will make the game more like modern racing games. This, in turn, can end up helping a player improve the gameplay by leaps and bounds.

5 Use a car with high turning stats

There are various cars for a player to choose from in the game. Each car, of course, comes with its own different stats and handling, meaning one player wouldn’t be able to control them all equally.

It would be a good idea for a player to choose a car that has high turning stats and can drive well. This essentially means that the car the player chooses must be able to drive and make tight turns with relative ease, thus eliminating the use of brakes and ensuring that the player can turn faster than their opponents.

4 Beginner tracks are full of twists

The first tracks a player goes through are the rookie tracks. Unfortunately, however, if a player believes that he will be able to navigate the tracks without much difficulty, he will soon discover that he is No the case. These beginner slopes, despite the name, are difficult for someone who doesn’t expect it.

There are many twists and turns that each of the beginner tracks has to offer. A player will have to always be on their toes and make sure they are prepared for every turn that comes their way.

3 Finish the rookie games

One of the first things a player should do is make sure that everybody of his rookie tracks are finished. This will do several things: Firstly, completing all of these tracks will earn the player a nice trophy. Second, it will unlock the rest of the game for the player to go through.

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Although it can be difficult at first, a player should be able to get used to the Beginner Games very quickly. This, in turn, will earn the player’s trophy.

two Play the US tracks

After the player wins all five of his races on the rookie tracks, he will realize that he still has five more races to win in order to have ten more wins. Fortunately, there is a quick fix for this: racing on US tracks.

The US tracks are the shortest in the game, so it should be pretty easy to win all ten rounds. Also, a player only needs to restart after winning. They don’t need to press Continue and go back to the main menu after winning their races on US tracks.

1 Experiment with different cars

Although it is a good idea for a player to choose a car that has good turns and can handle well, it would also be a good idea for him to play with the other cars. Although turning is one of the most important parts of the game, it is not the only thing a player needs to worry about.

Instead, a player should also remember to look at their cars’ other stats and play around to see which one suits them best. With the right car, a player will be able to get ahead of all his opponents in no time.

Formula Bit Racing DX is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch.

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