Tips for driving safely in the summer

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) – Summer is here and that means more people will be hitting the road to have fun, but before you hit the road it’s important to make sure your car is ready to go.

“Summer weather often brings many opportunities for summer road trips and commutes, but summer weather also brings the responsibility of making sure we are driving safely, making sure our vehicle is prepared from the tires to the vehicle fluid levels,” said Meg Ragonese. , spokesperson for the Nevada Department of Transportation.

It is important to check the oil and coolant levels as heat can affect them. Other things to pay attention to are the brakes and the battery.

“In particularly hot parts of the country like Nevada, there’s going to be more flats on the side of the road, the heat does things to the tires… you’re going to have more dead batteries, and it does things to the fluids in the car,” said John Treanor. , spokesperson for AAA Nevada.

Another big concern right now is gasoline, some drivers may be avoiding the pump announcement by pushing their cars to the limit in an effort to avoid paying current prices, which experts say is a bad idea.

“Your fuel pump needs gasoline in the car to regulate its own temperature, if it gets too low, if you hit that ‘E’ and wait until the light comes on, you could damage your fuel pump and that’s an expensive problem, more expensive than the price of gasoline,” Treanor said.

A useful tool drivers can use is to find out the average price of gas in your county and neighboring counties, to get a better idea of ​​what the price of gas is during your trips.

“We’ve seen an increase in people calling because they ran out of gas, it’s about 2% of all service calls that AAA gets nationwide,” Treanor said.

Another thing to keep in mind is dragging chains, to prevent fires from breaking out along the road, while you may be towing any recreational items.

“Make sure everything you have inside your vehicle, everything you tow with your vehicle for your summer recreation, is secure, to keep not only you, but every other vehicle on the road safe,” Ragonese said. .

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