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Grid Legends is the 2022 entry in the popular racing series from EA and Codemasters. This is an online, single-player auto racing experience, with storylines and seasonal events, bringing together a dynamic selection of ways to compete and car classes to choose from.

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Grid Legends begins in the midst of its story mode racing drama, one that you can follow through phased-in mission seasons that take place in a reality TV racing series style. While this story is unlocked in dramatic and documentary fashion, there is also a more traditional career mode and various online racing modes for you to compete in.

Earning Credits and Racecraft Points

In Grid Legends you earn credits for running well, based on your position in the race, which means that the higher your position, the more credits you will earn. Your costs are then deducted during a race, which will include repairing the level of damage suffered by the riders on your team.


You win race points to rank up your driver level and unlock more of the game. These points are accumulated by performing skillful or daring actions in a race.. These include drifting, collisions with other cars, overtaking, following the racing line, having the fastest lap section, and many more.

Actions of the same type can become combos. if they are followed. For example, you can get more rewards for following a career line for a longer time.

You also gain discipline related to the car class or type of race you enter. Check the progression tab to find out how much discipline you have earned for each type of event in the game and what level you are at.

The correct configuration

Settings that make the game fun are key. There’s a detailed menu for adjusting how difficult you want the racing experience to be, with presets from Easy to Legend, and many options that can be changed individually to create your own custom difficulty class.

the the difference between easy and medium is the difficulty of the AIwhile any preset rated harder than that also affects how much assistance the game gives you, for example how automatic the driving is. Damage from collisions is only cosmetic on lower difficulty levels., which is useful if you’re getting familiar with the handling and want to stay in a race but crash a lot. You can also rule out terminal damage, which means damage can cause problems when driving, but you can’t be ruled out of a race for drinking too much.

All this along with other controller and visual comfort options. For example, there are several shake effect intensity settings that affect the feedback of the game.

If you find that you are losing or winning too easily for fun, adjusting all of the above options will improve your experience.

racing strategy

You advance in both the story and career in Legends by succeeding in event objectives, which mainly means that you need to rank high enough in a career to move on. If you’re stuck struggling to rank high in a race in its early hours, at least aim for the fairly achievable early goals and continue with the next mission. The game doesn’t expect that level of engagement until later runs.

As for the competitors, AI controllers are likely to make big mistakesespecially if your difficulty level is low, so Watch for crashes or runaway drivers on the road. while trying to get ahead.

On the other hand, if you crash, a driver can become your nemesis.. This means that they will have the added goal of beating you and driving more aggressively against you. With certain upgrades, you can have a team member pressure the nemesis while driving to take the pressure off them.

In elimination mode, there is often more than one elimination. when time is up. If you’re in orange, you’re one step away from elimination.and in red, you will be eliminated.

effective flashbacks

You can use flashbacks during a race to rewind it and readjust your actions, which is useful if you mess up. The number of flashbacks available is indicated at the bottom left while you run.

For a flashback to be effective, make sure you go back far enough to get to the source of the error. Even though he could have missed a corner, it could have been the driving line he took from the last corner that put him in that position. It is better to readjust further back than to retry a difficult approach.

Additional flashbacks can be obtained on specific vehicles by upgrading them in the garage.

Manage the team

While in story mode you have a fixed team with Seneca, elsewhere you build your own team. Your mechanic can improve the performance of the car and your racing partner will join you in a different car during the races.

At first, you can only adjust specific things in the team details menu. Here is where you can adjust your driver’s name, sponsor team logo and banner.

At level five as a racer, you will unlock the ability to upgrade team members.. Upgrades are only unlocked at this level and can then be purchased for 750 credits each. The next upgrade levels are unlocked when you reach racer levels 15 and 35. There are a variety of applications, with three styles of upgrades for both your teammate and mechanic.

For example, you can unlock commands to give your teammate instructions on how to drive, which will be followed to the extent of the possibilities of the driver. The ability to follow them can also be improved with a loyalty upgrade. Hopefully these allow you to work in sync rather than just compete.

a quick run

Quick Race is a mode that can be accessed online. It allows you to join a race happening anywhere, depending on how public your online connection is.

Unlike the classic quick race modes, Grid Legends is based on online play. If you want to have your own single player quick race, without career mode, you will have to create your own race event. That’s what the race creator menu is for.. It allows you to design races to host online or single player races. There are four slots for creating and saving races, and selecting one allows you to customize the race event type, rules, allowed car classes, location, and more.

Activating ramps on the run discards most locations as it depends on the track to have that specialized feature. Choosing this option will automatically switch to a track with ramps.

Unlock events based on upgrades

To unlock certain events in your career, you must have unlocked specific car upgrade levels. To start updating the car associated with a locked event, go to that car in the garage and select the update view.

Upgrades will be available after driving a certain number of miles on the car you want to modify. Then you will use your credits to buy them.

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