Tips and techniques from Lucas Oil to keep sports cars, hot rods, motorcycles, powersports equipment and more protected during the cold winter months

Snow and ice will be here soon and taking a little time to prepare for storage will keep those expensive vehicles and other equipment safe in the winter months.

INDIANAPOLIS, October 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Each fall, owners of sports cars, hot rods, power sports vehicles and other warm-weather “toys” should start preparing for several months of cold weather. Snow, sleet, ice, and sub-zero temperatures can cause serious problems with vehicles and equipment, but following a few simple preparation steps with the help of Lucas Oil products will ensure those prized possessions are ready for next spring. .

Supercars, motorcycles, hot rods, and even lawnmowers have engine oil systems, fuel systems, transmissions, and other components that require winterization. While it may seem daunting, proper preparation doesn’t require much time or mechanical knowledge, but failure to do so can range from a small repair bill to very costly system failure.

storage location

It goes without saying, but finding a good location that is dry and protected from the elements is a great start to a solid storage strategy. Garages, sheds, barns, or self-storage facilities are great storage places. While outdoor storage is not recommended, sometimes that’s all someone has, so using a high-quality waterproof storage cover can also provide very good protection.


Most drivers with classic or sports cars keep their cars spotless, but it’s important to give them a thorough cleaning, inside and out, before putting them away. Dirt and debris can degrade paint, metal surfaces and trim, so a thorough cleaning is essential. Fortunately, Lucas offers great products designed to make this process easy. Lucas Slick Mist Speed ​​Wax and the new Lucas Slick Mist Ceramic Speed ​​Wax both offer long-lasting protection from the elements. Simply spray and wipe before storing for a full season of protection against dust and dirt. Cleaning is also not limited to the exterior of vehicles. Complete Lucas engine treatment can be used to clean and lubricate the entire fuel system from the tank to the injectors, and when added to engine oil, it cleans the oil system by reducing gum and varnish buildup, while improving low temperature fluidity .

Fuel system

As mentioned, cleaning and preparing fuel systems should be a priority. Wearing Lucas Oil Deep Clean Fuel Treatment during that final fill will help ensure that the fuel system is clean and in good condition before storage. However, gasoline degrades over time, causing changes in its chemical properties that can damage fuel system components. To avoid potential problems, a bottle of Lucas fuel stabilizer It should be added to the tank to retard the breakdown of gasoline and ethanol, a major cause of gum and varnish deposits. Fuel Stabilizer also cleans, lubricates and maintains fuel pumps, carburetors, fuel injectors and compression rings. Vehicle owners should also fill their tanks to 90% capacity to prevent excess water condensation from building up.

battery maintenance – Although classic cars with old electronics are often characterized by battery drain, all battery-powered vehicles, motorcycles, and lawn equipment should be unplugged or placed on a battery charger. That will ensure that the battery stays healthy and is ready to go again next spring.

Motor oil – Oil changes are part of the routine maintenance that needs to be up to date when something is stored for the winter. However, having clean oil is not enough for those who want the best protection for their prized possession. By adding a bottle of Lucas Oil Low Viscosity Stabilizer either Heavy duty oil stabilizer, vehicles receive an extra layer of protection against dry starts and excessive friction, as well as against heat and wear in any type of engine. It also provides additional lubrication which reduces oil consumption and operating temperatures. It’s important to note that these stabilizers are not only great for storage, but should be included with every oil change.

“Whether you’re a casual sports car owner or a dedicated classic car owner who does your own maintenance, planning for winter storage should start early and involve the right products. For decades, we’ve trusted us to maintain engines, fuel systems and more protected against harsh driving conditions and preparing for winter storage should be no different,” he said. morgan lucas, president of Lucas Oil. “Vehicles in storage can develop many serious problems without certain preventative measures, and we’re proud to say that people around the world trust Lucas Oil products to keep those classics and other prized vehicles running smoothly, year after year.”

Lucas Oil products can be found at thousands of retailers worldwide and are also available to purchase online. To find the nearest retailer, visit the company’s website. Where to buy retail location finder.

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tips and techniques from lucas oil to keep sports cars

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