The 14 Best American Concept Cars

Pontiac TransSport – 1986

You thought this list was just about sports cars, right? Well, you were wrong, because just look at this. Yes, it’s a minivan, yes, it has a spoiler, and yes, it’s gullwing doors. This is the Pontiac Trans Sport Concept, and as you can see, it’s unlike any other MPV. Aside from the fact that it had huge Tesla Model-X-style gullwing doors for passengers in the rear, the front doors were center-hinged like those on a helicopter. Inside was a cathode ray tube instrument cluster, a head-up display, steering wheel controls and a computer, while the front passenger had a drop-down screen and keyboard. The 235 PS (173 kW) 2.9-litre V6 was nothing special, but who cares when the car looks the way it does? And while General Motors used to destroy its old concept cars, that all ended in the early 1980s, so this car is safely stored in the company’s heritage collection.

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