Saving Money on Vacation: Keeping Fuel Costs Down During the Summer

So how can you prepare for the future against rapidly changing circumstances?
Our research also found that drivers making the same trip as above could save almost 50% by switching to electric vehicles. The same journey in a Polestar 2, using an initial domestic charge to start the journey and the use of public charging points, would cost just £77.83 for an EV driver – 48% cheaper than a diesel and 45% cheaper. % cheaper than gasoline driving costs. Prices vary depending on the type of charger you use: fast chargers cost more but take less time to recharge. You can learn more about the different charger types here. You can compare the costs of owning an electric car versus gasoline, using the most popular body types as an example, here. There are, of course, downsides to going electric. The purchase price remains prohibitive for many and even when it comes to charging, a shortage of charging points for drivers to make a return trip becomes an issue, especially for popular holiday destinations such as Cornwall and the District. of the Lakes. Cornwall typically sees an extra 180,000 visitors during the summer months, but according to Cornwall Council, there are only 27 pay-per-use charging points, of which only 13 are ultra-fast chargers. In the ever-popular Lake District, there’s an even bigger shortage with just four charging points. You can find charging points near you, or areas you plan to visit, using our electric car charging map.
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