Safety tips for warming up a car before winter driving

Image: MasterDrive

While most modern cars don’t require a few minutes of idling to warm up the engine, it’s not the worst idea to let things come up to temperature before going about your day in the winter. Here are some safety tips to keep in mind as you hit the road on chilly mornings.

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Image: MasterDrive

The focus of today’s discussion is not on the benefits and harms of heating a car during the winter, but on the risks involved in doing so. Eugene Herbert, CEO of Master Drive states that “Over 84,000 cars were stolen in the UK in 2019 and 11% of these were due to the driver leaving the keys in the car. In the UK in particular, the reason this is done is to heat vehicles in winter.”

While these are two different societies, there are opportune criminals on the prowl here who would equally jump at the chance of an unattended car during their warm-up routine.

Herbert further adds, “If you warm up your car in the morning, there are safer ways to do it than leaving it running in your driveway or outside your apartment. It is important not to get complacent about the potential safety of your garden or having people around you. Also, most insurance providers will not cover theft of a vehicle where the keys have been left in the ignition and the driver is not present.

That said, sitting idly in the driver’s seat while your car warms up if you’re on a public road means you’re still a target for hijackers. Be aware of your surroundings instead of immersing yourself in your cell phone or infotainment screen.

Here are some tips for driving more economically.

It doesn’t hurt to allow the engine oil and coolant to circulate for a few minutes before driving the car to its full potential during the winter, but Herbert adds that there are better alternatives than leaving a car unattended in a driveway or being an easy target in the driver’s seat. seat. “Starting the car and driving slowly for the first few kilometers is a much more efficient way of warming up the car. It uses less fuel and, as mentioned, carries a much lower safety risk than leaving your car idling unattended.”

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