The company’s protective and restorative products are now available in Australia.

rvs technology expands downwards
RVS TECHNOLOGY EXPANDS DOWNWARDS rvs technology expands downwards 2

RVS Technology has expanded its family of products in the protection and restoration space, and following success in Europe and the US, says it is proud to bring these products to the Australian market.
“Our preventive and curative treatments help avoid costly repairs and extend engine life, reduce emissions and adhere to pollution control,” said RVS Chief Technology Officer Arto Repo.
“Going Green is easy and saving fuel is a must. RVS Technology products offer multiple benefits, resulting in big savings and longer engine life wherever mechanical friction exists to reduce emissions and achieve maximum engine performance.”
The product range includes the best-selling G8 and G6 models for protection of petrol engines, and D8 and D6 for diesel engines, described as providing Triboceramic protection and restoration.
Other RVS products are intended for automatic or manual transmission and power steering systems.
“RVS has unique properties: it protects and prevents wear on surfaces and mechanisms, as well as helping to reduce engine noise and ensuring the engine runs smoothly,” said Arto.
“Treating your car, bus or truck is quick and easy, and all you need to do is add the recommended dose of RVS Technology product directly to your hot engine’s motor oil.
“Consumers will benefit from up to 15 percent horsepower increases, up to 25 percent lower fuel consumption, up to 50 percent extended engine life and up to 25 percent reduction in fuel economy. emissions”.
Arto explains that RVS technology has been associated with performance vehicles on the European market for many years.
It is a corporation based in Finland and owns the patented triboceramic nanotechnology products RVS Technology and RVS Technology products.
Using the products takes 15 minutes and RVS Technology says the results are immediate and last up to 100,000 km.

For more information visit www.rvstec.com.au or call 0458 431 868.

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