Rangers in association with FIFA, but there are more out there

Rangers in association with FIFA, but there are more out there
Rangers players in digital format: how many do you recognize?

Any Rangers fan who loves gaming has probably played Football Manager and FIFA for years and is aware of the club’s new deal with EA and FIFA 23. But really, there are plenty more games to choose from once you start exploring. The world of video games is full of games for football lovers.

Many Rangers fans love to play soccer, just like all other soccer fans. It’s a fun way to spend even more time with your favorite sport and try a few things for yourself. These games allow you to be players, coaches, managers, even cars playing soccer. So while you wait for Gio to dive into the transfer market, there are plenty of soccer games for everyone to enjoy! So if you are one of the fans who loves these games, then you should check out these three tips.

1. Explore to find cool new games

Many soccer players play the same games for years. Some of the great classics have millions of loyal players. These gamers are great classics that will probably never go out of style. But there are many more games to explore than you think. So the first tip for any Rangers fan who loves football games is to start exploring some new ones. One of the types of games that have become popular along with iGaming is football themed slot machines. These games combine the love of the game and football all in one. Any Rangers fan who loves both should take advantage of the possibilities available.

2. Read recommendations and tips from other players

Another great thing you can do if you’re looking to expand your horizon and/or get better at a particular game is to seek out other players. Online you can find many soccer forums with recommendations and tips from other players. This is a great way to discover new games that are favorites of other fans. It’s also a good way to get great tips on how to improve your own skills in a particular game. The global football community is so large and there is so much knowledge that we can all benefit from.

3. Remember online safety when you play

The latter should be mentioned as a tip because many players forget to consider it. When playing soccer games online, you must be mindful of ensuring your safety. These gaming platforms and independent sites are the main targets of cybercrime. More than 2 out of 5 players have suffered a cyber attack. You have probably also experienced a lot of phishing emails in your mailbox.

When exploring new games, be sure to validate that the site is secure. Learn what scam sites and phishing attempts look like. This will allow you to stop most cyber attacks. Also, consider getting a VPN, with Rangers official partner NordVPN a good place to start when gaming online. Although many of these games are super social, you should always remember to avoid sharing your personal information with other people on these platforms. The good news is that if you are aware of the possible threats and how to detect them, you will be able to play more or less safely.

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