RAC issues advice to make your petrol go further when prices top £2

The price of petrol at UK service stations has now reached 182.31 pa litre, according to RAC data. This means that the cost of refueling a 55-litre estate car has exceeded £100 for the first time.

Some motorway concourses are already selling petrol for above £2 a litre, but the RAC has warned this is likely to be the price across the country “for the summer”. reports The Mirror.

On Wednesday, when petrol prices were 180.73 pa litres, RAC fuel spokesman Simon Williams said: “A full tank of unleaded petrol has now shot up to £99.40, bringing us closer every to the £100 refueling milestone again.

He added: “With analysts forecasting a barrel of oil to average $135 US for the rest of this year, drivers should prepare for average fuel prices to soar to £2 a litre.

“[This] It would mean that filling the tank would amount to an incredible £110.

Diesel has risen 1.48 pence since Wednesday to another all-time high of 188.05 pence per litre.

While there isn’t much you can do about rising prices, there are some steps you can take to make your car more fuel efficient.

keep your car light

The lighter your car is, the less fuel it will use. It all has to do with how much effort it takes to get your vehicle up to speed.

The easiest way to tidy up your car is to empty the trunk, clean out the garbage, and remove the roof rack.

Keep your tires inflated

Checking tire pressure is an important part of owning any vehicle, but it can also improve fuel economy.

If the tire pressure is too low, the wheels will drag on the ground and consume more fuel.

Over-inflated tires are also bad for fuel efficiency.

don’t speed up

Stomping hard on the gas is one of the biggest consumers of fuel, so be careful when you need to accelerate.

You should always try to drive in the highest gear possible for your vehicle while staying within the speed limit to achieve the best miles per gallon.

Using cruise control on highways

It is a good idea to maintain a constant and similar speed when you are on a long, flat road, such as a motorway.

But if you’re on a bumpy road with a lot of turns, you could end up using more fuel if you leave the cruise control on.

This is because your car reacts more slowly to changes in the road.

Turn off the air conditioning

Turning on the air conditioner can increase fuel consumption as it consumes more energy.

The only exception is if you are driving at higher speeds, when it is better to use the air conditioning and keep the windows open.

To slow down, roll down the windows and keep the air conditioning off.

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