Petrol and diesel prices: Drivers attack ‘pure greed’ despite Asda and Morrisons price cut

Over the past week, Asda and Morrisons have slashed prices for petrol and diesel at their service stations across the UK. Both supermarkets were praised by experts and some drivers for helping to cut costs after motorists grappled with record prices in recent months.

Andrew Ball, Morrisons Fuel Operations Manager, said drivers would benefit from the change at a time when millions are struggling financially.

He said: “It’s the summer holidays and we know how difficult the current cost of living is for our customers

“So we hope that this fuel price reduction will help motorists save money in this difficult time.”

Morrisons has cut the cost of unleaded petrol and diesel by an average of six pence a liter over the past week at 339 UK stations.

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“First, it was a few dozen small stand-alone concourses that showcased the big guys.

“Now, Asda has called them in at an average discount of five cents off the cost of a tank of petrol.”

However, not everyone was impressed with the price cuts, saying prices should have been cut sooner.

One commenter, stevedon99, stated: “In a small garage in a place called Leintwardine in Shropshire, your fuel is £162.9 for petrol and £178.9 for diesel.

“Now, if a small independent garage can offer these prices, it is a fact that the larger garages are ripping us off as usual.”

Another reader, Transportlady, questioned why supermarkets and major retailers hadn’t introduced price cuts sooner.

They said: “So after seven weeks of direct reductions in oil prices, the independents lowered prices by 32 pence a litre, Morrison now decides to drop SIX pence a litre.

“Still, their food is going up with the cartel of the big supermarkets. It’s like a big nasty game of stealth seeing how far they can push their prices.

“Greed, pure greed. I will never buy from any of them again.”

The RAC predicts that petrol and diesel prices will continue to fall, just a few weeks after drivers faced the highest costs the UK has ever seen.

A third driver, using the moniker Stand Strong, said: “No, it’s not good news for drivers.

“The price should be 60 pence a liter and not the extortion prices we have now.

“Massive profits for all oil, gas and electricity companies while we the people suffer for their greed.

“The government must reduce the VED by 90 percent and remove all VAT on fuel to help people live a more balanced life (retail and food are cheaper if they did this).

“This would give more disposable income and improve the economy and the treasury.”

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