Parking Tickets Resulting In ‘Significant Fees’ With Experts Giving Tips To Avoid Charges

The average parking ticket currently costs drivers around £70 depending on location, meaning misunderstandings or misinterpretation of parking restrictions could lead to a significant bill for drivers in the capital. New data has found that some London streets have amassed more than £1m in revenue as a result of PCNs received in the last two years.

One street in particular, Mare Street in Hackney, has been named the most ticketed street in London for parking.

Over 32,000 PCNs have been delivered on the road section, generating an estimated £2.26 million in revenue over a two-year period.

On average, this makes London’s most fined street receive up to 44 fines per day, making it one of the most fined and costly parking streets in the UK, and receives the most fines of all boroughs. and municipalities surveyed.

Clapham Park Road (Lambeth) and Millennium Way (Greenwich) also receive over £2 million of estimated revenue from PCNs.

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Dan Hubert, CEO and co-founder of AppyParking+He said: “Parking has become an increasingly stressful and complicated process for drivers: they don’t know where parking is best for them, how long they can stay and they are also charged significant fees for the privilege of parking.

“This has become a major problem for drivers in London, with certain areas racking up millions of pounds in fines every year, all at the expense of residents and visitors to the capital.

“We are all looking for ways to save vital pennies in the midst of the current cost of living crisis, and parking is an area where millions are wasted due to a lack of clarity and understanding of restrictions.

“It’s also an issue of wasting time and fuel while looking for a place where they know they can legally park, which means more emissions and more pollution on our streets, all because we don’t know where it’s okay to park.”

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More recently, drivers have been looking for ways to combat the rise in the number of incorrect parking tickets being handed out.

Motorists are urged to be sensible when it comes to parking, avoiding areas that may cause disruption, especially when leaving the car for an extended period.

Experts have also suggested that people buy a home CCTV system, as they can prove they were home at the stated times and automatically protect themselves from an incorrectly issued parking ticket.

Although extreme, many drivers are reluctant to go through the appeal process when it comes to incorrect tickets because they are out of the house when the ticket is issued.

They will still have to explain and prove that they were somewhere else when the ticket was issued.

While this isn’t always possible, try to keep track of where they are throughout the day, in case the need for an alibi arises.

Harrison Woods, CEO of YourParkingSpace, commented on the rise in incorrectly issued parking tickets.

He said: “Parking tickets are on the rise due to a variety of factors, such as an increase in low-traffic neighborhoods and the widespread use of ANPR cameras.

“Unfortunately, this means that it is becoming more common for incorrect tickets to go unnoticed, in some cases because the cameras did not record a vehicle leaving the parking lot.

“We recommend that motorists follow the advice given and avoid putting themselves in situations where they cannot dispute their parking tickets.”

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