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Colorado is a state with endless possibilities. There is always something to do and someone to do it with. Although the process of making new friends and finding new interests may seem like an insurmountable task, the last two years haven’t made it any easier. Fortunately, with the internet, connecting with like-minded people and finding your subculture has become easier than ever. Finding a group that shares your interests is a great way to do what you love while meeting people who share your passion. But what differentiates a culture from a subculture? For the purposes of this article, a subculture is a social group of people with a shared common interest or lifestyle that binds them together to create a specialized feature within the society’s culture.

Colorado has these opportunities in abundance, as there is a pool for just about every hobby and interest under the sun. Whether you’re a seasoned outdoorsman looking for a walking group or a novice hiker looking to make new friends, Below is a list of some subcultures that encapsulate the spirit of Colorado that you can get involved with to help find your niche.

amateur groups

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Hobbies are part of who you are. They are the ones that bring you joy in your spare time. In Colorado, they define what the state and its people are known for. The ability to share that with others is a beautiful thing that, when done right, elevates subcultures from small groups to sprawling movements. Because Colorado’s natural environment is so picturesque and diverse, it allows for recreational activities found nowhere else.

Colorado is a state that lends itself perfectly to amateurs. No matter the hobby, from RC cars to fishing, there’s a place to do it and people to do it with. But if you’re not already deeply involved with the local scene, it can be hard to find where to start. Enter websites like Meet up and Facebook groups. Meet Up is an app for connecting people for events, and with thousands of active members in Colorado alone, there’s no shortage of groups to discover. Simply create an account and start exploring the endless possibilities that technology can offer.

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In addition to online groups, many hobby-specific stores have physical stores throughout Colorado. Comic shops are a great example. Regardless of your previous level of knowledge and involvement, you can find people who are willing to help you learn and grow in the culture. The Jason Street megastore for mile high comics It is the largest comic book store in the United States and has everything any fan could need.

the automotive community

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Colorado has a roaring car scene: Whether you prefer fast cars, vintage cars, SUVs, or even motorcycles, there’s a Centennial State car pool for you. But where to start? Cars and Coffee is a Facebook group for fans of cars and coffee. This group plans multiple car meets a month to take place in the early hours of the morning. The idea is for car enthusiasts to get together with their favorite caffeinated beverage and get involved in all things car related.

Not a fan of early mornings? Don’t worry, how National Productions is here to help According to its Facebook page, Nationwide is the The #1 source for the largest car meets/shows/cruises and other events in Colorado and is a tight knit group of car enthusiasts, racers, drifters, hobbyists, friends and family. Nationwide is a group with more than 100,000 followers from all walks of life waiting to talk about their love of cars and engines.

If the above groups don’t quite satisfy your need for speed, then there are plenty of other groups, and car shows are held all over the state during the summer and beyond. There are hyper-specific groups dedicated to owners of certain makes and models to meet virtually or in real life to meet other enthusiasts of their car or motor vehicle. Facebook and Instagram have tons of pages and groups filled with all the specific micro-interests you have. Google is also your friend like you can find many different subgroups for the larger subculture of the Colorado car scene. Alternatively, going to any meetup or car show is a guaranteed great place to meet people with your passion for domestic and import cars with everything in between. Each car show and gathering attracts different people, however one constant at each event is motoring enthusiasts with a big smile as they get close to what they love.

outdoor adventures

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What list of Colorado subcultures would be complete without hiking? There are hundreds, if not thousands, of hiking trails in Colorado. Going on a hike with friends is always exciting, but planning it can be a real hassle. That’s where hiking clubs come in. The Colorado Mountain Club (CMC) is one of those groups. These mountaineers are committed to education, adventure, and conservation. Founded in 1912, CMC plans all different types of outdoor adventures ranging from beginner to expert and everything in between.

There are many other groups similar to CMC that specialize in different aspects of the outdoors. Groups for skiing, snowshoeing, camping, hiking, climbing, and just about any outdoor activity are ready for you to join and explore the majestic Rocky Mountains with new friends. There are awesome organizations across the state advocating to make the outdoors in Colorado more inclusive, like Brown Girls Climb and Latino Outdoors.

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Music and Nightlife

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Music lovers rejoice as Colorado has some world-renowned concert halls that host some of the biggest stars and bands. Red Rocks is one of Colorado’s gems and was ranked as one of Rolling Stone Magazine’s Best Places. There is so much complexity in the music subculture in Colorado that there are very different subcultures in the music culture.

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Colorado is also home to some of music’s most passionate music fans. Our EDM (Electronic Dance Music) scene is extremely active and Colorado has earned the nickname Bass Capital. Many popular EDM artists and DJs like Gray Y great giant they have recently moved to Colorado to be more involved in the local scene. Moving on from EDM, the punk and metal scene also has a stronghold in the state. In an interview with Magazine 303vocalist and guitarist of ORYX Tommy Davis said, “There’s a community of die-hard people here who are constantly coming out to metal shows and rooting for up-and-coming bands as well as established groups.”

Organically meeting people with similar tastes in music can be tricky. Luckily there is no better place to meet people with your same tastes than a concert of that type of music. Do you love classic rock and want to share that love with others? Go to a classic rock show. Most concerts are packed with devoted fans who want nothing more than to talk about why they love that artist or genre. Concerts are naturally a social activity. Meeting people and making friends at a show is as much a part of music culture as the act of a drummer throwing his drumsticks into the crowd after a perfect drum solo.

With so much variety, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. There are themed bars throughout Denver that cater to different genres, as well as many festivals throughout the year. Magazine 303 makes a This week in concerts for all the music events you should know about, as well as a monthly roundup of new local music. No matter what kind of music you like, there are probably thousands of people who agree with you and are going to show you their love and support.

Professional Groups

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Networking is an important part of anyone’s career, but finding the right place and people to network with can seem daunting. Fortunately, like every other interest on this list, there are many different online and in-person groups dedicated to relieving the stress of networking. The Alternative Business Networking Group (ABNG) is one of those groups. It is the largest Denver-based unpaid networking group for business professionals and entrepreneurs. The goal of these types of professional groups is to bring together the people who can change the world together. Do you have a business but are not sure how to grow and expand your reach? Someone else has already thought about it and would be happy to talk to you about it. Not sure how to market your skills in the workplace? There are like-minded people who can help connect you with the resources you need to be successful. Also, Denver Start Week takes place September 19-23 and is a celebration of all things business culture in Colorado and beyond.

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Many of these groups have nights out at bars and restaurants to help with the inherent awkwardness of meeting new people. But with a positive attitude and a smile, the sky is the limit. Through these events and groups, you have the ability to tap into so many different sources of information to grow personally and expand your network of professionals in Colorado. From there, the potential is limitless in what can be achieved through collaboration.

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