Nine tips to reduce the amount of gasoline or diesel you use amid record fuel prices | UK News

Petrol is up more than £1.90 a litre, while diesel is not far off £2, and Chancellor Rishi Sunak is considering calling for a more substantial cut in fuel taxes.

Things are so bad that some people are can’t afford fuel to get to work.

While motorists would appreciate help from the government, there are things they can do themselves to cut costs in the midst of the fuel crisis. Here are our nine tips…

refuel in a supermarket

Every month the AA releases figures showing the cheapest places to buy fuel, and supermarkets are almost always the cheapest.

Drive as smoothly as possible

Driving as smoothly as possible will maximize your car’s fuel efficiency. Accelerate smoothly and, more importantly, avoid excessive speeds and hard braking. Most dashboards now tell you your MPG – you can set weekly goals to try and hit it. If you do, take note: many cars are most efficient when driving between 45 mph and 50 mph.

driving on hills

On hills, build momentum by speeding up a bit before you hit them, then slow down as you go up.

Remove roof boxes

Roof boxes create wind resistance and increase fuel consumption; take it off when you don’t use it. Empty roof racks add 16% drag when driving at 75 mph, according to the Energy Saving Trust.

Be careful with the air conditioning

Look at how often you use the air conditioning and heating: they use up fuel.

Remove the extra weight inside

Tidy up your car: Extra weight means more fuel is needed to power the vehicle.

Keep tires inflated to the correct pressure

Check that your tires are inflated to the pressure listed in your owner’s manual. Underinflated or overinflated tires reduce fuel consumption.

Round trips are better

Hot engines are more efficient than cold ones, so doing one round trip is better for fuel efficiency than several short trips, even if the mileage is the same.

Walking, biking, running

Do you have to drive? Consider walking or biking instead of driving for short trips.

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