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Trico Products has announced the launch of its new Swift Top Lock Connector System, which it says is a revolutionary new multi-fit connector system designed to be simple, fast and easy to use.
Trico Products says that the secret to their popular Trico Force and Trico Tech wiper blades is this new system.
Designed to make installation a simple task, the new connector system ensures that the correct arm mount is securely attached to the shovel simply and easily.
To complement the new Swift Top Lock connector, each Trico Force and Tech blade is supplied with a range of multi-fit adapters for hook, push-tab, push-button and side pin wiper arms.
The new Swift Top Lock connector system replaces the outgoing L-Bracket connector (Force) and the OFF SET connector (Tech).
Trico says the new system significantly improves the connector mechanism that the arm adapter uses to connect to each blade.
Designed with simplicity and performance in mind, the new connector takes all the guesswork out of ensuring a secure blade connection.


Designed with a heavy-duty slot and rail system, the installer simply locks the connector in place by depressing the lock button, to remove, unsnap the lock button and slide the connector on.
By locking the connector to the blade, the new system ensures that the blade does not accidentally disengage from the connector.
By aligning both Trico Beam Blade ranges with the same adapter system, Trico say it hopes to simplify its mounting instructions on its two multi-fit beam blades, which are already easy to install.

Extensive wiper coverage
While some wiper blade brands require 30-40 SKUs to service popular vehicles. Trico Multi-Fit beam sheets reportedly provide more than 96 per cent of Australian Car Parc’s accessory demand.
Trico explains that this means retailers and workshops have the opportunity to dramatically increase stock turns with up to 70% fewer SKUs to meet demand for their vehicles, all with just 12 part numbers.
Trico says that as the world’s leading manufacturer of wiper blades, “it has always been the brand that offers superior wiper quality and performance,” stating that its products “deliver superior visibility solutions that make tomorrow safer.” for everyone on the road.”

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