Money Saving Tips: Motorists Encouraged to Use Common Household Items This Winter

With mornings getting colder, drivers will be well aware that having to defrost cars will soon become a common occurrence. Luckily for them, to save motorists time, the experts at Peter Vardy have looked at a number of TikTok trending driving hacks that might come in handy.

One such trick is to put socks on your windshield wipers at night to prevent them from freezing.

Experts said: “Drivers should wear long socks to cover their windshield wipers to prevent them from freezing on cold nights.

“This will save them time in the morning by thawing out the ice packs that often build up on the windshield wipers.”

Motorists have also been encouraged to try various other tricks that could work for them this fall and winter. These include…

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The reason behind this is that when motorists turn on the heater it is drawn from the engine, if the engine is cold it cannot warm up and ends up blowing more cold air into the car.

car mud cleaning

Getting into a car after a hike in the fall and winter months will undoubtedly be tricky as the ground is more likely to be wet.

Experts said: “This mud from shoes and clothes will transfer to your car, however this trick could save you an average of £32.50 on having your car professionally cleaned, according to Checkatrade.

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Since nights get darker earlier in the fall and winter, it’s crucial to make sure your headlights are bright enough to ensure safety.

To make sure that’s the case, drivers can take half a lemon and sprinkle baking soda on top and use it to clean grime off their headlights.

This should leave the headlights in good condition for the darkest of nights.

Prevent windows from fogging up

Experts said: “For this trick, drivers will need shaving cream and a microfiber cloth.

“Put a generous amount of shaving foam on the cloth and wipe it on the windshield, both inside and out, until it disappears.

“This should prevent windows from fogging up in the colder months.”

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