Lucy Liu shares her best tips for traveling with a child

Lucy Liu is no stranger to travel. The actress has traveled the world for work, charity and relaxing getaways. But, ever since she welcomed Ella Rockwell’s son in 2015, she’s had a jet-setting partner in tow. And while exposing kids to the world can be exciting, it can also be exhausting and stressful, especially with thousands of flight cancellations and delays. Fortunately, Liu has picked up a few tips that make flying or taking long car trips a little easier with little ones. I discovered some of those tips as part of her partnership with American Express Blue Cash Everyday Card, which just announced enhanced features that reward Cardmembers for everyday purchases. So what was Liu’s wise advice? Check out the interview I did with him below.

You travel a lot. How does the American Express Blue Cash Everyday Card come into play when you’re on the go?

“Well, I decided to go to Connecticut with my son. I don’t have a car because I live in New York. So I rented a car and took it to the aquarium. Got gas, used the car to go to the aquarium, bought tickets in advance, etc. Then, since I had no food at home, I bought some groceries and shipped them to the house so I could cook dinner for him when I got home. You could get 3% cash back on groceries, gas, and online purchases, plus 1% cash back on everything else. I’ve been traveling around the area more so I don’t necessarily have to get on a plane. I go on vacation to my own area, which is awesome.”

You have been lucky enough to travel with your son. What are some of your tips for traveling with a child?

“Kids have a different energy. And knowing that, I adapt to their schedule and sleep patterns. I also know that they have to run. So when I get to the airport, I have them run to an area that’s pretty open to get him out of his system. I bring bookmarks and download a bunch of episodes and movies. It’s kind of a treat for him to travel because that’s the only time he can really watch videos. I also started really early, having him listen to audiobooks and podcasts. They have short shows for kids that keep them interested without looking at the screen.”

Since it’s keeping you local when it comes to travel, have you found any hidden gems?

“In New York, there are so many great places. When you go to Coney Island as an adult, it’s quite different. But when you go with a kid, it’s completely magical, from the bumper cars and hot dogs to the aquarium. Central Park, the Natural History Museum and Zoo are hidden gems that are so basic it’s almost ridiculous not to recognize how convenient it is.”

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