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Gap in government efforts to ensure homes are better insulated amid rising energy costs

There is a “shocking” gap in government efforts to ensure homes are better insulated amid rising energy bills, according to a report from the Climate Change Committee (CCC).

In their report, the climate advisers warned that plans made by the government to tackle global warming would fall short of legal targets for reducing emissions for decades to come.

And the independent advisory committee highlighted energy efficiency to make UK homes cheaper to heat, along with inaction on agricultural emissions, as particular problem areas.

The report now calls on the government to consider increasing funding for energy efficiency in fuel-poor homes, as well as a widespread advertising campaign for its promised new energy advice service and policies to incentivize homeowners to improve their properties. .

The committee’s executive director, Chris Stark, said the installation of isolation measures “fell off a cliff” a decade ago.

He added: “We call this shocking, that’s what it is.

“We absolutely must do something about it at scale; making homes better insulated is absolutely critical, especially when we are experiencing such high energy prices.”

CCC Research Director Mike Thompson said: “There has never been a better time to insulate your home, with gas prices at the levels they are, pressure on imports and energy security.

“This is the time for the government to be bold and help people do what a lot of people want to do anyway.”

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