Jacksonville Police Crack Down on Illegal Street Racing

They sideways through empty parking lots at night, spinning in wide circles as tires screech and rubber smokes.

Other cars spin and turn into bloodcurdling donuts and smoke as crowds watch and scream, recording the antics on cell phones, the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office said.

After about three months of investigating illegal street racing, the Florida Sheriff’s Office and the Florida Highway Patrol arrested 36 people on various charges and citations totaling 631 misdemeanors and felony charges, Deputy Chief Jaime Eason said.

That’s $92,510 in traffic tickets and 13 vehicles seized, along with drugs and seven weapons, he said. It also means “a drastic reduction in street racing and illegal car rally activities.”

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“There are a lot of car clubs that don’t do illegal activities and they enjoy getting together, looking at cars, talking about it, and that’s fine,” Eason said. “Unfortunately, it’s people like that [pointing to a poster of mugshots] that they have made it an illegal activity and they have made all the car clubs look bad and it is not. We will always protect that right, but once it becomes illegal, we will no longer tolerate it.”

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