I’m A Car Expert: How To Save £190 At The Service Station

HIGH gas prices have been hitting drivers’ pocketbooks hard, leaving them looking for ways to keep costs down.

Despite the drop in wholesale prices, many retailers have not yet lowered their pump prices.

RegCarCheck's James Barker shares his tips for saving money at the gas station


RegCarCheck’s James Barker shares his tips for saving money at the gas station

This means that drivers have yet to see a change in the cost of filling their tank.

But James Barker, a motoring expert from RegCarCheckHe said it’s possible to save money while fuel costs remain high.

He says drivers could save £190.12 over six months by following these four tips to save on their fuel consumption.

Pump it

Under-inflated tires can make a vehicle use up to 10% more fuel, according to James.

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He says driving on flat tires reduces fuel efficiency and could cost you an extra £7.50 a month.

The tire pressure should be depends on your car and tire.

Most cars have a sticker on the body that indicates the correct pressure.

If you can’t find it, you can always refer to your owner’s manual.

change the pounds

It’s so easy to forget about those heavy tools or old kid’s toys you’ve been keeping in the trunk.

But did you know that keeping extra stuff in your car could cost you money at the pump?

James says that using the car book as additional storage space can increase fuel costs by 12%.

He added: “It’s worth doing a general cleaning of your car, as removing heavy items makes the vehicle more fuel efficient.

“Driving with an empty roof rack and unnecessary heavy items in car storage spaces can incur an additional £7.62 expense.”

Over six months cleaning your car could save you £60.96.

Why not consider putting unwanted items in the trunk of your car or selling them on eBay for a little extra cash?

Find an alternative

About one in five car journeys in the UK are unnecessary, according to James.

James says, “Most of these are less than half a mile, a walkable distance for many who choose to drive.”

The average car uses 32p of fuel per mile, which means one unnecessary trip a week will cost £7.36 over six months.

While it’s not always possible, you might consider walking short distances or using public transportation instead.

Earlier this month it was announced that a £2 price cap will be introduced on local and regional bus travel.

The price cut is aimed at leveling out bus fares across the country, after services in England were criticized for high prices.

Air conditioning and on and on

The scorching temperatures earlier this week no doubt had you reaching for the air conditioning button on your car.

Depending on how fast you drive, air conditioning can increase fuel consumption by 10%.

But don’t roll the windows down just yet, as according to James, depending on your speed, having them open can cost you even more.

James said: “Driving with the air conditioning on at low speed can put stress on the car’s engine, leading to extreme fuel consumption.

“When traveling at speeds up to 60 mph, it is best to open the vehicle’s windows.

“Anything over 60 mph, it pays to run your air conditioner.”

If it is a hot day, open the windows and cool down the car before starting the trip.

James added: “You also need to be careful not to leave the air conditioning on, as this can cost up to £7.50 a month.”

The Sun recently revealed the nightmarish appliances you need to turn off to save on energy bills.

Where can I find the cheapest fuel prices?

It always pays to compare prices and go to the cheapest competitor to save.

The only problem when it comes to fuel is that you need enough to travel further for the best costs in the first place.

It just adds to the pressure households are already facing from rising energy bills and rising cost of living that is also driving up the price of food and travel.

Small local gas stations currently offer drivers a better deal than the big ones.

Fleet News and Allstar allow you check gas prices in all counties so you can see how your region compares to the UK average.

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the GasolinePrices The app and website allow you to check prices at more than 8,000 gas stations near you and use data provided by the public.

The comparison website Confused.com also has a gas price checker that allows registered users to find gas prices within a five-, 10- or 25-mile radius.

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