How to drive a hybrid car to get the best fuel economy

Get the most out of your hybrid car: best hybrid miles per gallon (mpg)

Hybrid cars will respond well to economical driving tips that benefit all types of cars, but there are a few hybrid-specific techniques you can use to get the most out of your car:

  • Use your electric drive mode as much as possible, depending on how much electric power your car can deliver. Some models have a higher electric mileage range than others, but you should try to use your electric power as much as possible to get the best fuel economy.

  • Brake gently and early to use your regenerative braking system to replenish your energy reserves. This means you can power on while driving and use your electric mode for longer.

  • Reduce the use of systems such as air conditioning and heaters to use less energy.

  • Don’t sit idle in stop/start traffic – no electricity will be generated and the hybrid battery will discharge.

  • Accelerate smoothly and stick to the speed limit to get the most out of your electric driving mode.

  • Use cruise control to maintain a constant speed and reduce running costs.

How to Drive Efficiently for Best Fuel Economy: The Basics

Learning to drive efficiently is essential to improving fuel economy and your mpg.

There are a few things you can do to ensure you get the most out of each tank and reduce the number of times you fill it up.

1) light travel

If you fill your car to the brim and stack the roof with roof racks and hoods, you’ll need more power and fuel to get going. The lighter your vehicle, the more efficient it will be, so you can save fuel by packing light.

This is also included in the trunk, so go through it and get rid of any unnecessary luggage. Simple things like removing the stroller if you don’t need it that day can really help save energy.

two) Keep up with car maintenance

Keeping your car in the best possible condition will help it perform at its best, and this is especially true when it comes to tires.

Check your car manual and make sure the tire pressure is in line with your car’s requirements and driving conditions, and this will help it run more efficiently.

3) reduce drag

You want your car to be as aerodynamic as possible to ensure there is no drag holding you back, forcing your car to burn more fuel and power.

Keeping the sunroof and windows closed will help eliminate drag, as this can really slow you down when you start moving at higher speeds.

A good rule of thumb is that windows and roofs should be closed when driving over 45 mph.

how to drive a hybrid car to get the best fuel economy

4) smooth and steady

Obey the speed limit and maintain a constant speed while avoiding sudden braking or acceleration.

By keeping an eye on the road ahead and anticipating the need to slow down or speed up, you should be able to react early enough to keep your car from working too hard.

Sticking to the highest possible gear for the speed limit will also help conserve power and be more efficient.

Your vehicle will work harder in lower gears as it is primed to pull away and accelerate, so setting a high gear at a constant speed is much more efficient.

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