How to run without traction control

Today is the day Formula 1 players have been waiting for months. F1 22 has gone live for those who pre-ordered the Champions Edition of the game. New cars are difficult to drive, especially when you turn off the traction control (TC).

Our review is out now and we are impressed with this year’s Formula 1 game. The new cars are proving to be a real challenge, so there’s no shame in leaning on title assists.

TC is one of these, but what does this do and how should you use it? We have everything you need to know right here!

What is traction control?

Traction control (TC) is an electronic aid that limits the power delivered to a car’s drive wheels to prevent them from spinning. Wheel spin occurs when the wheels spin faster than the tire can accommodate at its limit of grip.

Lighting the rear tires at the start of a race is too easy without TC

This is an electronic system you’ll find in all modern road cars as it helps reduce accidents, particularly in wet weather conditions.

However, Formula 1 cars do not have TCs. This is because it takes some of the challenge out of racing these amazing machines. However, you can choose to have TC active in F1 22, to allow players to get used to the cars.

With around 1,000 horsepower going to the rear wheels, it’s very easy to come out of corners tail-happy in an F1 car. This is especially the case for 2022 cars, thanks to the new rule change.

With reduced levels of downforce on the rear wing, there is less downforce to push the rear tires onto the track and produce grip. It’s a similar story with ground effect downforce on the floor as well. This is not effective at low speed, when you will need TC the most, due to lack of airflow.

How to turn off CT

Disabling traction control is as easy as you’d expect in a Formula 1 game. From the start menu, select ‘Game Options’ then ‘Settings’. From there you need to go to “Assists” and navigate to Traction Control. If you want to disable TC, you will need to disable it.

Changing traction control settings in F1 22 is simple and straightforward

You also have the option of going for “medium” TC, which is a comfortable halfway house between off and full TC.

If you’re in My Team, Career Mode, or another game mode, you can disable TC before a race weekend begins by pressing options under PS (Menu on Xbox) on the loading screen. You can also change your TC settings during a race weekend.

How to drive without traction control

Adapting to driving a modern F1 car without TC is not easy, but it is doable if you practise.

Start a time trial session, as this is the only game mode where tire temperature and wear are consistently optimal. This will give you the best possible chance of driving the car in a controlled manner.

You can still run side by side, even with TC off

We also recommend starting with a medium TC, rather than no TC, as this is a driving style that is easier to understand.

The driving style you should employ for a car without TC is one of smoothness. You must imagine that there is an egg under the accelerator pedal and you must avoid breaking it at all costs. You must be careful when re-engaging the throttle after a corner, particularly one that has a low-speed exit.

If you’re accelerating out of a corner in fifth gear or higher, you won’t have to worry about wheelspin. However, if it’s a gear lower than that, you can’t instantly hit the pedal hard again, or you’ll be looking in the wrong direction.

All of this is exaggerated in the rain or when the tires are badly worn, as there is even less grip available to use. Another thing you will need to practice without TC is your pit exits and race starts as it is very easy to turn without TC for that.

So, in short, lap around during a time trial session before applying what you’ve learned to a race in My Team or Grand Prix mode.

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