How to drive an electric car cheaply

How do I maximize the mileage range of my electric car?

Just like filling up at a gas station, it costs money to charge your EV (unless you locate a free charging point).

By maximizing your EV’s mileage range, you can ensure you get the most miles on a single charge, saving you money over time.

Driving efficiently is undoubtedly one of the best ways to get the most out of your investment, regardless of rising electricity costs, so here are our top tips to help you do just that.

What is the cheapest way to drive an electric car?

There are a few ways to tailor your driving to be as efficient as possible.

This ranges from adjusting the use of your climate control, driving smoothly, and clearing your car.

All of these minor changes can make a big difference in ensuring you maximize your reach.

1) Cool it down on the climate control

Being strict with your EV’s heating functions can cost you some of that all-important charge.

As electric vehicles are powered by a large battery, using the heating or air conditioning can use additional energy from your battery, instead it could be used to power the car.

So being a little careful about how often you use the climate control can save energy.

Tip: Some electric vehicles can be controlled from your smartphone, so you can set your car to preheat while still connected to its charger. If you’re charging at home, you might be able to turn on the heating function a few minutes before you go out, so you’re not using up that precious battery power on the go.

2) Drive smoothly for the most efficient ride

We know electric vehicles are agile and fun things to fly, but choosing a smoother ride is better for conserving energy.

Driving fast means you’ll be quicker to burn through your mile range, so stick to the speed limit to use less energy.

Many electric vehicles have an ‘eco mode’ which offers smoother acceleration, so choosing this setting is ideal if you want to ensure truly efficient driving.

3) Maximize your regenerative braking

Regenerative braking is an electric-only motor feature that allows your car to recharge while braking. When you start to slow down your EV, the electric motor will capture energy to put back into the battery that can be used to power your car.

Most EVs will have different modes that let you decide what level of regenerative braking you’d like to use, including highly efficient ‘one-pedal driving’ that lets you bring your EV to a stop without even touching the brakes. This allows for the greatest amount of regenerative braking.

4) Stay on top of maintenance

A well-maintained car is efficient – ​​stay on top of service and repairs to make sure your EV is running at its best.

Checking tire pressure regularly is an easy way to ensure you’re giving your EV the best chance to run economically, so check your car’s owner’s manual to find out the optimal pressure level.

You will find that different driving conditions will likely require different tire pressures, so monitor this closely for the most efficient drive.

Choosing a cinchCare package can help you spread the cost of car service and repairs, as well as offer a warranty and breakdown assistance.

5) Travel light for economical driving

Sometimes it’s really necessary to pack everything but the kitchen sink into your electric car, but that means it’ll probably use up your power reserves faster.

A heavier load requires more power to move, so removing extras like roof racks and roof boxes can make for a lighter, more efficient ride.

A black car plugged in and charging with a person opening the door and a man looking at his phone

Is it cheaper to drive an EV? Electric car running costs

Electric cars are fairly new on the market, so they are often more expensive to buy initially, especially if you want to install a charging point in your home.

However, in the long run, electric vehicles are often cheaper than fuel-powered vehicles.

The electricity used to charge your EV is usually cheaper than gasoline or diesel, and you might even be able to plug in while you’re out shopping and get a boost for free. Maintenance costs for an EV are also typically lower, as they have fewer oily engine parts that can fail.

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