How drivers can avoid a £5,000 fine with simple tips

DIRTY CAR TICKETS: Drivers must ensure their cars are clean (Image by Nik Taylor/UCG/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

Motorists caught with a dirty windscreen could be at risk of a whopping £5,000 fine.

According to new research from Comparethemarket, 66 percent of drivers don’t know that having dirty windows could invalidate their insurance in the event of an accident. And 47 percent of people didn’t realize they could also risk a big fine and up to nine points on their license.

The Highway Code, Annex 6 ​​Maintenance, safety and protection of vehicles states that: “Windshields and windows MUST be kept clean and free of obstructions to vision.”

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Motorists should also ensure that all lights, gauges, reflectors, and license plates are clean and clear and that lights are properly adjusted to avoid dazzling drivers. Luggage items should also be stored safely and unobstructed, and windows should not be heavily tinted.

Research by the auto insurance team shows that more than half of road users who were asked were unaware that this small detail could lead to an insurance claim being rejected and have an impact on the future of your policy. Cleaning your car regularly can ensure that you don’t have any problems with dangerous driving.

Comparethemarket also revealed that the accumulation of garbage inside a car can cause the driver the same problem. A dirty exterior can distract you or, in some cases, obstruct the pedals in the driver’s footwell.

The research also showed that a car’s make and model often affect how often they are cleaned. Auto insurance experts found that almost half of BMW drivers clean their cars at least once, but sometimes several times a week.

Thirty-four percent of Audi drivers and 27 percent of Mercedes-Benz drivers also admitted to maintaining a strict car cleaning regimen. Most car owners clean their car themselves instead of paying for professional work.

47 percent of people clean the outside and 64 percent clean the inside. However, research found that the younger a motorist is, the less likely they are to clean their own car.

How often do you clean your car? Do you prefer to do it yourself or have it done by a professional?


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