Glasgow weather: Seven tips for staying cool as the heatwave continues

The Scottish Government has issued advice on how to stay cool as the heat wave continues.

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Temperatures are expected to reach 29 degrees on Tuesday, higher than those in Athens and Barcelona, ​​before cooling off in the afternoon and overnight.

The Met Office has warned that people could suffer from dehydration, nausea and fatigue, as well as sunburn.

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Temperatures have been rising in Glasgow.

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Tips to stay cool

The Scottish Government said people should do the following to keep cool during the heatwave:

– stay indoors or in the shade when the sun is hottest (11 am to 3 pm)

– drink plenty of cool fluids throughout the day

– eat cold foods with high water content such as salads and fruits

– take a cold shower, bath or body wash

– spray water on skin or clothing, or hold a damp cloth to the back of your neck

– avoid alcohol, which can leave you dehydrated

– avoid extreme physical exertion

The advice continues: “If someone shows signs of heat exhaustion (headache, feeling lightheaded or lightheaded, rapid pulse or rapid breathing, body cramps (particularly in the arms, legs and stomach), nausea or vomiting), must be protected. from the sun and gets cold. Heat exhaustion is usually not serious if the person is treated within 30 minutes and symptoms begin to improve.

“Make sure infants, children, or the elderly are not left alone in parked cars or other enclosed spaces. Animals should not be transported in extreme temperatures.”

People are also encouraged to think about whether they need to travel and to plan ahead if necessary.

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