Fuel saving tips: UK motorists urged to follow simple petrol station tricks to save money

Petrol and diesel costs soared to another record over the weekend, with drivers paying more than £100 to fill up an average-sized tank. To try to combat this, many drivers have adopted hypermiling techniques that include shedding excess weight, anticipating traffic patterns, and slowing down.

However, the tips for saving fuel can be applied even when you are not driving, but at the gas station.

Consumer journalist Andy Webb said on his Cash Chats podcast: “It doesn’t necessarily get crowded. You don’t have to wait until it clicks every time.

“You may know you only need half a tank to get home, so only put in a half tank.

“In fact, one of the things that can also help you with fuel consumption is weight.

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“Sometimes it’s also not a bad idea to put half the gas in the fuel tank instead of filling it full because that means it will last a little longer because there is less weight in the car with that fuel.”

Webb, who also runs the Be Clever With Your Cash website, said it might be worth ignoring that advice if drivers find a particularly good deal on fuel, which means they’re better off filling to the brim, the Daily Record reported.

Some supermarkets can often have some of the most competitive prices on the concourses, and drivers are urged to take advantage.

When doing the weekly shopping, motorists can also refuel at the pumps, making use of the loyalty points offered by most supermarkets.

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There are also credit and debit cards with cash back, which means that drivers can earn some money by refueling.

Petrol across the UK set a new average price record yesterday despite wholesale costs heading to service stations falling since the Jubilee.

This comes as millions will be affected by train and subway strikes.

Many people will be forced to return to their cars to make the morning commute to school, exams and Glastonbury festival.

Luke Bosdet, the AA’s spokesman on petrol station prices, said drivers are hitting record prices at petrol stations at a time when the cost of living crisis is already hitting Britons.

He added: “Since the Jubilee, the wholesale cost of gasoline has decreased.

“That’s over a period that the oil industry says is long enough for cost changes to start reflecting at the pump.

“And yet the average price of petrol in the UK hasn’t even leveled off. He has continued to ascend to new records.

“UK car consumers deserve much fairer treatment from the road fuel trade. If gas stations don’t start lowering gas prices this week, it’s going to be a shame.”

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