Fuel saving tips: Motorists are told to ‘stop and speed less’ to increase fuel efficiency

Motorists across the UK have been dealing with steadily rising fuel prices since the start of the year, with experts estimating just how far prices could go. The RAC data makes bleak reading for drivers with average petrol prices reaching 191.25 pence per liter and diesel less than a penny shy of £2 per litre.

Compared to this time last year, drivers are seeing increases of more than 60 pence for petrol and 65 pence for diesel.

With an average 55-litre family car, drivers expect a staggering £33 increase in just 12 months.

Prices have increased by more than 90 pence since the beginning of July 2020.

New Ipsos data seen by Express.co.uk found that 71 per cent of Britons have taken steps to reduce their spending on fuel in the last six months.

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Idling can consume up to two liters of fuel per hour, emitting more than 5.26 kg of CO2.

This costs around £3.20 an hour, on average, for petrol cars and a little more, £3.40, for diesel.

Motorists with newer cars are advised to make sure the “start stop” system is on to save fuel when stationary.

CarShop’s Ben Scholes said: “It’s more important than ever to consider how we drive and maintain our engines as well.

“Just a few changes to the way we drive, and how we take care of our cars, can save us a lot of money on fuel costs over time.

“And, let’s face it, this has never been more important.”

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