Fuel saving tips: money expert Martin Lewis gives advice to desperate drivers

Money-saving expert Martin Lewis was on the verge of tears yesterday on BBC radio when he spoke about the messages he receives from those struggling to pay rising energy bills. And his website has issued five tips to drivers as gasoline prices remain at record highs.

Despite the chancellor slashing 5 pence from the fuel tax in a spring statement two weeks ago, FairFuelUK has said speculation continues with some service stations across the UK still failing to lower petrol prices. and diesel.

In March, the wholesale price of gasoline increased four percent, but gas station prices rose nine percent.

FairFuelUK claimed that wholesale profits on pence per liter rose by 69 per cent.

Mr. Lewis’ fuel saving tips are below and range from fuel efficiency to better driving style.

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Make your car more fuel efficient
Some simple checks and adjustments to your vehicle can help reduce fuel consumption.

To save up to 30 percent on fuel, drivers should keep tires inflated, remove roof racks, turn off air conditioning at lower speeds, and use cruise control only on highways.

It is advisable to fill the tank only halfway with gasoline, or what is necessary for a trip, and also remove everything unnecessary from the interior of the car or the trunk.

The key is to reduce stress on the engine and improve aerodynamics.


Find the cheapest gasoline or diesel prices in your area
The easiest way to find the cheapest gas station in your area for gasoline, diesel, super unleaded or premium diesel is to compare prices using petrolprices.com.
Also use loyalty schemes, £30 a week is more than £1,500 a year. As many petrol stations have some sort of loyalty scheme, it’s worth signing up for the schemes of the petrol stations you’ll be using most often to get a bit more money.
As for refueling, always refuel at least 50 miles before the tank runs out to avoid panic buying at the first available gas station.
And don’t try to put in more fuel once the pump has gone off, as it adds weight to the car.

Pay with a refund credit card
Cashback credit cards return your money every time you spend on them. They are a great way to lower your fuel cost.
But always set up a direct debit to pay the card in full each month, so you never pay interest, which would outweigh any earnings.
However, multiple applications in a short period of time can affect your future ability to obtain credit.
And in terms of direct debits, some providers deliberately omit the ‘pay in full’ option from direct debit forms as it makes them less money. If that is the case, please write ‘pay in full’ on the form.

Share the drive to lower your gas costs
An easy way to reduce gas costs is to drive less! One option is to share elevators to work with friends.
There are a few websites that connect people taking the same trip, including Liftshare and BlaBlaCar.
However, safety is paramount. Arrange to meet for the first time in a public place, let your friends or family know what you’re doing, and check their ID to make sure they are who they say they are.
If you offer a passenger a lift and ask for a contribution towards fuel costs, the Association of British Insurers says that as long as there is no profit element, your car insurance is unlikely to be affected.

On driving tips, Mr Lewis said: “During a holiday abroad I was able to try this, thanks to a sexy little digital display in my hire car that gave me a km/litre readout.

“For each trip, I drove normally on the way up and used the previous ‘think by pressing the pedal’ method on the way back.

“The improvement was huge.

“Overall I drove about 500 miles and the different ‘efficiency’ averages per liter of petrol were incredible: for normal driving it was 11.2 km per liter, but for efficiency conscious driving a remarkable 13, 4 km per litre”.

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