Fuel Saving Tips: Little-Known Satnav Trick Cuts Gas and Diesel Consumption

Motorists across the UK have been urged to use a specific satnav setup to save money on fuel, as costs show little sign of significantly reducing. The latest RAC Fuel Watch indicates that drivers will have to pay 162.32 pence per liter for unleaded petrol and 180.45 pence per liter for diesel.

According to the forecast, both the price of gasoline and diesel are expected to continue falling in the coming weeks. However, drivers are unlikely to see a sizable difference in costs any time soon.

With that in mind, Graham Conway, CEO of Select car rentalurged drivers to carefully select their satellite navigation route.

He told Express.co.uk: “To avoid excessive fuel consumption, most modern satnavs come with the option to select the fastest route, even taking traffic into account.

“Avoiding sitting in stopped traffic can contribute to fuel-saving efforts, as your car drives more efficiently when in a higher gear, rather than crawling.

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He said: “An important tip for keeping up with your top-ups is to keep a consumption notebook in your glove box or keep track in the notes app on your phone.

“For each visit to the gas station, write down how much fuel you put in your car to get from AB.

“In this ever-changing economy, make sure you record your fuel consumption in liters and not pounds.”

Refuel in supermarkets

Mr. Conway highlighted that while supermarket fuel generally comes from the same refineries as big brands like Shell or Esso, these brands typically add a range of special additives to their own fuels to improve efficiency and performance, which is why they tend to cost more.

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“Your vehicle manufacturer may also suggest different tire pressures for your front and rear tires, so it’s always worth doing your research.”

Switch to an electric vehicle

Mr. Conway advised: “While the initial costs of upgrading from your petrol or diesel dependent vehicle to an electric vehicle may be high, the long-term financial benefits are sure to pay off.

“It’s also why leasing an electric vehicle could be a much more affordable route to EV enjoyment.

“An EV can save you money on fuel and could also be more cost effective to run.

“That’s because there are fewer moving parts with an EV than with a traditional gasoline or diesel car, which often results in lower maintenance costs.”

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