Fuel Saving Tips: Little-Known Car Cooling Tricks Drivers Should Use Instead of Air Conditioning

With the summer weather in full swing, motorists across the UK are hoping to jump into their cars and enjoy days in the sun. However, rising fuel prices could hamper those plans, especially when temperatures rise and air conditioning becomes necessary.

According to experts, the use of air conditioning can increase fuel consumption by up to 20 percent.

This can especially hit motorists’ wallets when the average price of petrol stands at 190.81 pence per litre.

With that in mind, the car rental experts at StressFreeCarRental.com have provided motorists with eight tricks they can use to keep their car cool without using air conditioning.

A spokesperson for StressFreeCarRental.com said: “Driving in the scorching sun can make motorists feel dizzy and sick from heat exhaustion, which in turn is dangerous for all road users.

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A portable fan can make all the difference, even on the hottest days of summer.

These fans are small but mighty when it comes to cooling down while you’re stuck in a hot car.

Although cold packs do not provide a long-term solution, they can be used for quick relief from heat.

Use a dash cover

Put a dash cover on the car windshield to prevent sunlight from entering the car interior.

The heat won’t be as overwhelming if there are no hot vinyl surfaces to touch.

Keep the windows slightly broken

Obviously it’s not a good idea to open the windows all the way, but leaving just a small crack will promote ventilation and help keep the car cool.

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