Fuel Saving Tips: Fuel Saving Tricks Drivers Should Avoid At All Costs

According to the latest RAC Fuel Watch, motorists can expect gasoline and diesel prices to rise even higher. From now on, drivers will have to pay 185.44 pence per liter for petrol and 191.21 pence per liter for diesel. With all that in mind, car owners are much more likely to practice some fuel-saving techniques to lower their bills.

However, some hypermiling tricks that are aimed at saving fuel can be quite dangerous.

Express.co.uk has now spoken to three different experts who have warned that techniques such as sliding and sliding can be “incredibly dangerous”.

James Andrews, personal finance expert at Money.co.ukwarned drivers that fuel-saving tricks must be done correctly.

He said: “If done right, hypermiling can add 40 per cent to a tank’s set range, which is roughly how much petrol and diesel prices have risen in the last year.

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“The best eco-driving techniques are the simplest: keep your car in good shape, obey the speed limit, look ahead and anticipate slowing down at traffic lights or intersections.

“At low speeds open the windows for ventilation. At higher speeds, use the air conditioning only when you have too much.

“Devices need power, which comes from the engine and consumes fuel, so I’m afraid heated seats, steering wheels and other comfort items should be avoided. “

In addition, Alex Hasty, director of comparethemarket.comtold Express.co.uk that driving habits have changed enormously due to high fuel prices.

He said: “As the cost of fuel rises, it becomes difficult for many drivers to stay on the road.

“Our research shows that high gasoline and diesel prices are now forcing drivers to take fewer trips, with some needing to reduce visits to friends and family.

“More than eight in 10 drivers are worried about rising fuel prices and one in three fear they won’t be able to cover the cost of driving in the coming weeks.

Worryingly, 31 percent of drivers think they will have to take on more debt in order to continue driving.

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