Fuel saving tips: Drivers warned of popular air conditioning trick that can be ‘expensive’

With petrol and diesel prices still hitting drivers, many Britons have turned to fuel-saving techniques to try and get the most for their money. While prices are slowly starting to fall, the average 55 liter tank still costs over £100 to fill for the average price of petrol and diesel.

In an attempt to lower their costs, millions of drivers have changed their driving habits.

This could be in the way they drive or even how they treat their car, with air conditioning becoming one of the focal points in the fight to save money.

The RAC says that the use of air conditioning, especially when driving in warmer weather, can increase a car’s fuel economy.

He added that drivers shouldn’t use air conditioning unless they “really have to.”

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For example, drivers need to make sure their tires are at the correct pressure and in good condition.

This reduces friction with the road, which means the engine doesn’t have to work as hard when driving.

The RAC predicts that prices will continue to decline, with unleaded super also falling back below £2 per litre.

Drivers are encouraged to shop around at supermarket yards in their area to try to save as much money as possible.

Some service stations in Wales show prices as low as 164.9 pence per litre, with the highest asking drivers to pay £2.10 per litre.

Filling stations continue to charge more for diesel, with the highest rate in the UK charging 218.9 pence per litre, while the cheapest is 179.6 pence per litre.

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