Fuel saving tips: Drivers warned diesel cars may not be the best choice for fuel efficiency

“In the meantime, despite rising energy costs, choosing an electric car can be financially beneficial if the range of the vehicle you choose suits the type of trip you take and you only have to charge once or twice a week with low power consumption. home fare.

“At Motorpoint, our friendly team is trained to help customers when it comes to choosing the vehicle that’s financially best suited for their needs, and our never-beat price promise means they’ll save on the price of the vehicle, as well as their savings. the performance. costs.”

While the type of fuel is important, motorists have also been urged to follow simpler tips to save fuel, such as inflating tires to the proper pressure and turning off engines whenever possible.

Graham Conway, managing director of Select car rental He said: “If you have the wrong tire pressure, you will use more fuel to keep your car running smoothly. This is due to the added friction while driving that comes from a flat tire.

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